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cbr 600 f4 f4i

  1. cant get it into neutral. help

    Honda CBR 600
    hello fellow riders I just bouoght a 01 600f4i and it was working fine then all the sudden took it for a ride and when I got to destination I shifted down to put in neutral and I couldn't at first from 2nd to 1st and I would do a small click and it wont go like in neutral but light is not on and...
  2. Shut off and Restart Issues

    Honda CBR 600
    I have been working on a 2002 CBR600 F4I. The bike will start up fine, reach a temp of 228. Then when you turn the bike off and try to restart it the bike drags and acts like the battery is dead, but if I let it cool off then it starts just fine. I've checked the battery and it is fully...
  3. 2006 cbr f4i parts

    For Sale
    Have tons of 06 cbr f4i parts. Everything's off a running bike.If you need anything just let me know. 813-546-4008 thanks