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  1. Honda CBR 600
    Hey I just bought my first street legal motorcycle a 1999 CBR600 F4. It seems to run fine and everything is great until the temperature gauge goes up about half way. Once that happens if I come to a stop and go to roll out the bike jumps and sputters and often stalls which has almost gotten me...
  2. Honda CBR 600
    Hello everyone, hope to enjoy my time on this forum, I bought a CBR 600 f4 99 in march, I've ridden about a thousand miles on it since then. In April I was riding and had hit almost a hundred miles that day when I started noticing some problems accelerating in first gear. The bike would be...
  3. Honda CBR 600
    hello fellow riders I just bouoght a 01 600f4i and it was working fine then all the sudden took it for a ride and when I got to destination I shifted down to put in neutral and I couldn't at first from 2nd to 1st and I would do a small click and it wont go like in neutral but light is not on and...
  4. Honda CBR 600
    Hi everyone I have a 1999 Honda CBR f4 with approximately 68.000 km on original engine and transmission. I bought it last year mid July from a middle aged man with family. Month later I replaced the oil with Motul E-Tech 10W40 as the old oil seemed dark. Being new to the bike I tried to shift...
  5. Honda CBR 600
    I've had the CBR 600 F4 just under a year. It ran great all summer and fall. It came time to store it so I topped off the fuel tank and added about a 1/4 can of Seafoam. I put a few more miles on it to make sure it got into the carbs and lines. I put it in my garage but left the battery. I...
  6. For Sale
    Hey guys, I just grabbed an Orange/Black 2000 CBR F4, but it came missing the upper cowl fairing. Go figure! So if anyone has a reasonably priced upper fairing I'd be more than greatful. Ride safe, Geoff 613-322-3269 [email protected]
1-6 of 6 Results