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  1. Electronics
    I've recently purchased the TST Industries Halo-1 front indicators. As my CBR is a UK model and I'm replacing the OEM indicators the pins don't match up. Bike-2 pin adapter, Halo-1 indicators-3 pin. I've managed to connect the regular indicators and work perfectly. The problem I'm having is...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    Hey guy can you please give me some ideas? I get the bike up too 178km/h and it hesitates, wont go past that point so i pulled it all apart, tank off, air box filter. I turned the bike on idles good, unplugges the ECU and then waited 15min and plugged it back in. took the bike out and it ran...
  3. Me and my 06 cbr 600rr

    Me and my bike before i had to put her away for the winter
1-3 of 3 Results