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  1. Electronics
    Hey guys, smashing my head against a brick wall here, wonder If you can help at all, my bike is being extremely temperamental, one minute it will start and the next it won’t - bit of a long description but I wanna make sure I cover everything and I appreciate any help I get. so, my bike was...
  2. Motorcycles For Sale
    HONDA CBR 954RR (Taken Down) (1k Genuine Miles) 2002 CBR 954RR This is a collector’s type bike, currently has 1181 miles and will not go up more than 10 miles. She has no issues, everything is OEM. She has not been modded one bit. She is still running amazing just like out of the dealership...
  3. Honda CBR 600
    I have been having problems with my 1994 CBR 600 f2 , I bought it fairly recently and didn’t have any problems with it running until two or three weeks ago , I went to get the bike out of the garage and started turning it over as I was backing out of the garage and my right leg was engulfed in...
  4. Honda FireBlade
    I have a 95 cbr 900 that is powering a single seat dune buggy. It has K&N air filters and a supertrapp muffler. I bought it last year with almost no experience of streetbike engines and have learned along the way but there is one main issue im having that i cant seem to solve. The engine runs...
  5. Honda FireBlade
  6. Motorcycles For Sale
    I have this awesome 02 954RR for sale, 34k mi. Brand new tires, brakes, and twin DEVIL stainless and carbon fiber exhaust. Tune up and oil less than 50mi ago as of Mar 2020. I am looking to get into something else now is the ONLY reason I'm even thinking of selling it. Fcfs/no trades/$3500...
  7. Honda FireBlade
    i was riding my recently purchased 2001 929rr. stopped to get something to eat with the gf and went to pull out of the parking lot and boof sounded like the headers came off. ride it home and took fairings our only to find all of the bolts were tight. started it up and felt air coming out of a...
  8. Honda FireBlade
    Not new to the forum scene, amazed this one is still as busy as it is though! (seems to be IanDohaan keeping it alive) I work on carbuerated and EFI Japanese cars so I'm not completely helpless, but I'm a mite bit stuck. Three days ago, I encountered my first mechanical issue on my 3-week-old...
  9. General Discussion
    Hello! I have a 2002 954rr and I need a little help. When the bike is warm (80 degrees celsius and above) and idiling the oil pressure light starts to flicker on and off like a christmas tree. As soon as I give even the smallest amount of throttle the light disappears. The bike's idle is kind...
  10. New Baby!

    New Baby!

    Photos for future insurance claims...I hope not!
  11. New Baby!

    New Baby!

    Photos for future insurance claims...I hope not!
  12. For Sale
    Hey all, I come from Wristtwisters, where these wheels are common on the 919 and 599. But, thought you guys would have more interest? I don't post a lot on here (ever), but I am a moderator over there and trustworthy. Just PM for info or reply in-thread. I'm subscribed. 6 spoke 900rr Rear and...
  13. Honda FireBlade
    Hello all! I’m new to the forum . Recently my 929 skipped timing I’m looking for help with finding TDC correctly and adjusting my timing. And how to go about adjusting timing. I ride year round and my girl is down and I need it back up ASAP. Please any help would be appreciated . Thank you
  14. For Sale
    Factory Pro Evo shift kit SOLD Driven Racing Preload Adjusters $SOLD Driven Racing Pair Valve block offs SOLD Manual fan control switch $30 (mounts to upper triple tree and fan works as normal when off) Prices include shipping to lower 48 states. Payment by paypal
  15. For Sale
    For sale are the Speigler Front & Rear steel brake lines from my CBR954. Lines are black with black fittings and include black banjo bolts. Lines are used but in great condition. $80 or best offer shipped to the lower 48 states.
  16. Honda FireBlade
    Can i convert my 02 Honda cbr 954rr headlight assembly to a newer cbr 1000 assembly? Reason for doing this is that im wanting to use a specific headlight projector assembly that is only sold for the 1000 and a few 600s.
  17. General Discussion
    Please help, I have a cbr900rr that is not going over 108mph at all. not jetted everything stock. I ride it on the freeway mostly. I use 91oct gas and service it more often than usual. just replaced the spark plugs,fuel pump, stator, regulator, chain, oil, fuel and air filters, clutch plates...
  18. General Discussion
    Hope everyone had a great Holiday and New Year!! Hope everyone has a great 2017 too! I have finally put together a video of my bike fully rebuilt and a parts list associated with most of the stuff done to it! Feel free to comment and suggest anything! Also if you would like more info on...
  19. Honda FireBlade
    Hi, So, my bike has 16k miles on it and has been meticulously been cared for. But a few days ago I noticed that after either accelerating or downshifting, when the RPM are at 4000, I hear a strange noise. Not knocking, grinding, or rattling, but like a muffled metal to metal rubbing. The next...
  20. Honda CBR 600
    ok so a buddy of mine bought a 99 CBR 600 F something and brought it to me to check out from what I can tell the clutch is no fully engaging the bike runs good but barely moves he told me the guy the he bought it off of said it ran good before he changed the clutch cable then it started doing...