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  1. Introductions
    Hi all, my name is Pascal and I'm new on this forum. I'm a mechanical engineer for a concrete 3D printing company here in the Netherlands but mostly I am passionate about motorcycles! I own a 1997 honda CBR 900 RR 919, and a Yamaha R3 and R6 but let's lease that out of the matter on this forum...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    I have a 95 cbr 900 that is powering a single seat dune buggy. It has K&N air filters and a supertrapp muffler. I bought it last year with almost no experience of streetbike engines and have learned along the way but there is one main issue im having that i cant seem to solve. The engine runs...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    Hi Guys Just got some NGK Irridium IX plugs for my CBR900RRX (1999) Confused on what plug caps I need as hear I need some without resistors and cant use std caps? Any advise please? Cheers
  4. Honda FireBlade
    I'm finding it rather difficult to remove the clutch cover on my bike to replace the clutch. I wonder, do I need to pull the clutch release fork up and out of the cover before taking it completely off? I'm certain I can figure it out I just don't want to break anything. Any info would help, Thanks.
  5. Honda FireBlade
    Hey Guys, I'm trying to determine the year of my CDI/CPU for my 'Blade. As we know, a lot of these bikes are not matching parts and mine is no exception. Here's the info on the black box: MALA US 973G 6124 Does anyone know how to look up those numbers to determine what year the CDI is...
  6. NeilsToy

    My CBR
  7. My 1992 CBR 900RR

    This is my buddy's 197-something cbr400 down in Seattle. Toured down from Calgary, Canada. If you ever get the chance to go through the Cascade Mountains, DO IT.
  8. My 1992 CBR 900RR

    Made the decals myself, polished the pipe, 17" front wheel, turn signals in the mirrors, tinted screen. All done by me.
  9. My 1992 CBR 900RR

    First Day, pure 90's paint job, all stock except for slip-on. Poorly jetted
  10. My 1992 CBR 900RR

    Before and after pictures. Made the decals myself, polished the pipe, 17" front wheel, turn signals in the mirrors
1-10 of 10 Results