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  1. 2001 Honda CBR929RR 929 Aftermarket parts

    Hello everyone my name is Dre and i am new to this site as well as the motorcycle world. My first bike happens to be an 01 Cbr929rr with around 12k on it. Unfortunately I didn't know much about the bike when i bought it. Now after many hours of research I've found out that the bike was only...
  2. 929 street fighter conversion w/ pics

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    I bought this 929 that was sitting in the back of a garage for two years last December, got it up and running then set about making it what I wanted. Enjoy. Album link in case these individual pics don't work - CBR929rr streetfighter conversion - Album on Imgur
  3. Hello from St. Lucia

    Well this is my introductory message to the forum. I have been riding various bikes for over 30 years and just bought my first Honda - a 2000 CBR929RR. I've have been lurking around for a few months trying to research as much as possible about the bike so when I swung a leg over I'd be ready...
  4. WTB on CBR 929 RR: Wire Harness And ECU

    Hello everybody! I'm looking for ECU with Wire harness for Honda CBR 929 RR. Contacts: this forum, [email protected], skype size84, icq 66807988
  5. Remove Clutch Cover 2000 CBR 900 RR

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    I'm finding it rather difficult to remove the clutch cover on my bike to replace the clutch. I wonder, do I need to pull the clutch release fork up and out of the cover before taking it completely off? I'm certain I can figure it out I just don't want to break anything. Any info would help, Thanks.
  6. CBR 929 Power Commander III

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    So as of right now I have an older PC III (Serial) and I am at a disposition of what map I should use or start with from the PC base maps recommend. Mod's: K&N filter, 2 Brothers Slip-on, intake flapper mod, O2 Sensor eliminator, and 954 cam's, and PC III. The closest map I could find I...
  7. 00 cbr 929 clutch blew up now no power after fixing

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    my 00 cbr 929 clutch exploded in To 1000s of pieces. so i bought a clutch assembly on e bay . a new clutch kit, also needed a new ignition pick up that bolts onto the inner clutch cover, cause when clutch exploded pieces destroyed the old one. so i got one of those also. put it all back...
  8. clutch exploded now no power

    Wrecked Motorcycle Photos & Stories
    my 00 cbr 929 clutch exploded in To 1000s of pieces. so i bought a clutch assembly on e bay . a new clutch kit, also needed a new ignition pick up that bolts onto the inner clutch cover, cause when clutch exploded pieces destroyed the old one. so i got one of those also. put it all back...
  9. Dzzz01 (new Member) Cbr929

    Dzzz01 (new Member) Cbr929

  10. HOW TO: CBR 929 sheet metal undertail

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    I have a 00 CBR 929. This mod is worth it on any sport bike from the 80s on up to 2005ish before they started putting under tail exhaust, high angle tails (not so bad as the Germans lol), and other nice looking stock tails that you wouldn't want to ruin. On that note, this mod isn't for...
  11. HOW TO: CBR 929 cut down slip on exhaust

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    So those of us with old bikes with long ass cans know they are out of date. So I took 20 minutes, got out the saw zal and cut 12cm off my pipe (the front) and now I think it looks MUCH better. I got to clean off the glue from where the name plate was glued and rivited on... I had to move it...
  12. HOW TO: CBR 929 alloy polishing

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    So here's the pics of how I did it, take it for what it's worth.
  13. HOW TO: CBR 929 seat foam mod

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    Here's another tested mod of mine. Esentially this mod is cutting out the hard stock foam and installing aftermarket foam. I chose medical foam that is like memory foam where it's dense and supportive designed for people who sit in wheel chairs all day. My first attempt didn't utilize the full...
  14. HOW TO: CBR 929 hand brake

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    I finished the rear hand brake on my 2000 CBR 929, this is an easy mod. The hard part is getting the right parts and arranging them right. I did this mod for less than a $100, this can be done on most bikes exactly the way I explain here. Of course you could easily buy a $300 brembo hand brake...
  15. HOW TO: CBR 929 make and paint seat cowel

    Articles: Honda FireBlade
    So I thought I'd try my hand at making a fiberglass seat cowel and get some experience with glassing, body work, and painting... it turned out great... This isn't an in depth how to because it'd be a book if I went into every step. I suggest you reading a book on the art and skill to best...
  16. HOW TO: CBR 929 HID Retrofit, Projectors, Angel Eyes, and Demon Eye LEDs

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    Retrofit HIDs, Angel eyes, Demon eyes, or all three (like me) for any bike, car, boat, whatever really. I did it right, fuses, ample gauge wiring, 30 amp switches, connectors, baxter relays, Metal projectors with glass crystal lens, and best of all... FOR UNDER $200! so follow the pictures...
  17. 06 1000rr tail on 929 mod

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    Friends with __z__, got the idea to put a 1000rr tail on my 929 from him. I got a cracked rr tail off e-bay for $40 and plastic welded it with my $4 soldering iron (saving $160 from having to buy mint used tail). Then I took my old 929 tail off and set the rr tail on and found the stock...
  18. 2003 CBR 954 RR Honda

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    I have a 2003 CBR 954 RR with under 7,100 ORIGINAL miles. This bike is in near mint condition and ready for a new owner. I just serviced the bike new oil, air filter, oil filter, and brand new iridium spark plus $15 a piece (4plugs). The bike comes with a few accessories such as: Red Wheel...

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi all I have a 01 929rr and I really enjoy riding this bike but im always looking for new and diffrent ways to enjoy my bike even more. I was riding my buddys 09 cbr 600 and I liked his speedo a lot so I had a great idea to find a 09 cbr 600 speedo and install it on my 929. My question is have...
  20. what or how do i take off the magnet part where the stator sits and flywheel. cbr929

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    ok so im getting cbr 929 engine case welded on while its on the bike but i need to take off the magnet thing idk what the correct name for it is and then take off the flywheel. i bought the special picece for the flywheel to come off. but i have not yet reached the flywheel. Do i take off the...