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  1. General Discussion
    Hello to all. Need some feed back on these parts. It looks like some one tinkered with all of this. Doesn't look like its all there. Any info on this would be great. 02 cbr 954. wondering if this is why it bogs when I accelerate when riding?
  2. General Discussion
    I have a 2002 cbr 954, and at first the fuel pump was acting up. Not letting it start. Fuel pump is good, it turns on with external power source. Now, we're getting no spark from the plug, and we followed the wires from the spark plug to the PCM, and when I crank the starter, no voltage...
  3. Honda FireBlade
    hi my 954 has just hit 40,000km and have to replace speed sensor as it works when it feels like it. Is there anything else i should replace while its in the mechanics? only other issue is a knocking noise when first started but goes away when it reaches temperature of 45 -50`c
  4. Honda FireBlade
    After sorting out a 954 fuel pump not priming (it was a grounding short), I fired up the bike last week to have it running very rough - it would stall out below 3K, and was choppy above that. Checked the codes, and it's throwing off 6. Codes: 1 - MAP sensor 8 - TP sensor...
  5. Honda FireBlade
    Hello gentlemen, so I've been pulling a salvage title 954 together & have a DMV inspection Friday morning. Thought everything was sorted out, when I noticed the brake light was on high constantly & dug into it today, only to find that once the brake/running light problem was resolved, the bike...
  6. Wanted
    Hello all: looking for a Givi monokey luggage rack for a CBR954. It's out of production & Givi USA suggested I post up to the forums in addition to ebay & google. Also would like to find an original tail section (I ride in the rain & don't like the splash back), and... whatever the inner...
  7. Honda FireBlade
    Got a CBR 954 with a No Start problem Bike Stats: 2002 CBR 954 RR2 37,000 miles PCIII No Prior Issues whatsoever Bike ran before I tore everything apart. Needed a good clean down, paint job, rotors brakes caliper seals, coolant flush all already done. Had the battery out of it and gas...
  8. My bike

    03 cbr 954 custom "true flame" paint.
  9. My bike

    03 cbr 954 custom "true flame" paint.
  10. My bike

    03 cbr 954 custom "true flame" paint.
  11. My bike

    03 cbr 954 custom "true flame" paint.
  12. my baby

    My 2003 954rr Blue flame can,polished frame & wheels and a wee bit of a paint job x
  13. Phadreus's ride

    2003 CBR-954, Titanium Grey
  14. Phadreus's ride

    2003 CBR-954, Titanium Grey
  15. Phadreus's ride

    2003 CBR-954, Titanium Grey
1-16 of 16 Results