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  1. General Discussion
    After owning one of these sporty, corner-gobbling gems, I seem to be getting a lot of hits from beginning motorcyclists who think that a 600 cc inline-four is a ´good beginner bike.´ It´s anything but and I´ve scared away a couple of newbies out of some sense of responsibility to protect them...
  2. Honda CBR 600
    I'm new to this site so give me a break. I have two CBR 600F4s. One was a primary bike and the other I used as a parts bike because it was wrecked. I stripped one of the spark plug threads on my primary bike, so I decided, instead of repairing the threads, to use the head from the wrecked bike...
  3. Honda CBR 600
    I need some help guys. My CBR F4 is taking forever to take off. I can't get it past 70 mph either. For example. If i am in first or 2nd gear and i'm at 7000 rpms, the bike will probably be going 10-20 mph. can anyone tell me if i need a new clutch or something else?
1-3 of 3 Results