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  1. Fireblade has no Fire

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey all. This is my 1st post here :-) Please be nice lol. I hope that someone here can shed some light on my predicament.. My 2005 CBR1000rr has been riding just fine with a bit of power loss above 7000-8000RPMs.. I've asked around and what I gathered from that is a dirty fuel filter.. I've...
  2. Dies Above 7500 RPM

    Honda FireBlade
    Under hard acceleration sitting on the stand or while ridding, the bike dies. The HESD light comes on the the fuel pump will not prime until i turn the switch off and back on again. The bike was parked for a few months for powder coating over the winter. I, being an idiot didn't empty the tank...
  3. Sold! Dynojet PC III USB - NIB - 2008 CBR1000 - $140 shipped

    For Sale
    Sold. Thanks S.C.! This is the Dynojet Power Commander III USB - part number 132-411. New in box. Was purchased for my 2008 but never installed before the bike was sold. Complete!--includes the cables, software, installation guide, etc. Made specifically for the 2008 CBR1000RR so don't buy...
  4. CBR1000 oil pump dimensions

    General Discussion
    G'Day! Does anyone have the dimensions of a CBR1000 oil pump? Reason: I'm thinking of using one as a scavenge pump for a dry sump project, and need to calculate the theoretical flow rate of the pump before we buy one. The dimensions I need are shown in the image If anyone can provide...
  5. Original OEM Honda Repsol 2009 Fairings CBR 1000 RR

    For Sale
    What you are looking at here is a beautiful set of OEM Honda Repsol fairings from 2009. These are the original Honda plastics, not crappy chinese knock-offs. It's what you've always wanted for your 1000RR :) I've taken these fairings off my motorcycle because I converted it into a full race...
  6. 08 CBR1000, No collision coverage

    Wrecked Motorcycle Photos & Stories
    Hello, I am new to this forum obviously. haha. I have a quick question. My brother bought a 2008 CBR1000 and ended up wrecking it yesterday into a concrete barrier at 95mph. :confused: The bike - it's damaged pretty good on the left side, and moderate damage on the right right. But it's not...
  7. 05 bbr1000rr locknut wrench

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    I was lucky enough to come across an 05 cbr1000rr that was laid down With 5,800mi For $1000 with clean title. Unfortunetly a waterjoint above the Altenator cover was broken, and to replace it I have to drop the motor about An inch. So I ordered an aftermarket 20mm locknut wrench off line For 30$...
  8. WTB 08 01 10 Mirrors CBR100rr

    Need mirrors. I already have the blinkers that go inside them but I will buy that with them if I need to. email me at [email protected]
  9. CBR1000 08 09 10 parts and 954 ecu

    For Sale
    I have gray side fairings that will be posted later today, the black front tire hugger, tail light, back blinkers, all of the inner and upper fairing parts, few other misc. and a 954 ecu cdi box. The items are listed on my ebay page. They can be purchased there or just email me at...
  10. job lot cbr1000 rr5 parts

    For Sale
    i have for sale the following parts.......... original indicators genuine honda rear brake pads sealed and new rear helmet hangers numberplate hanger dont know what their called but fairing pieces from near numberplate hanger {check pic} all in excelent condition im looking for 40 pound the lot...