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  1. 2017 CBR1000rr question

    Hello all I am from Boston, MA in USA. This is my first Honda and I am trying to understand how the keys work. I want to make a second key for my bike but I do t know if these bikes have chips on the sidewinder keys or how it works. Can I just have a new key cut and turn the bike on with it or...
  2. 2004 2005 CBR1000rr Full Fairing, COMPLETE

    General Discussion
    Hey, I have a full fairing kit for sale for a 2004 or 05 CBR1000RR . Even has windshield and bolt kit. Still in box! Chinese, but no waiting 2 months!. Good quality Good fitment. I ordered fairing kit, they sent kit, but not as I ordered, so they sent a 2nd (corrected, as I ordered). They...
  3. My Cbr1000rr

    My Cbr1000rr

    Another build that I had a great time doing. This build was so fun I decided to do another one as I'm writing this message
  4. My Honda's

    My Honda's

    I've always wanted to build a bike and for it to be a cbr929rr erion edition, it was a pleasure
  5. FOR SALE: 2008 Honda CBR1000RR 6900 miles: $6000 FIRM

    Motorcycles For Sale
    Hey Guys, Selling my 2008 Honda CBR1000RR for $6000 firm. That means no negotiating. Pay the $6k and take home a beautiful bike. It is under book value, and quite literally the ONLY reason I am selling is because I want to get a 2012 1000rr which someone is offering me for an incredible price...
  6. Winter Weather Blues...

    Winter Weather Blues...

    Pic of my baby from this summer. Just missing her in these cold months.
  7. Ohlins HO 604

    For Sale
    I have an Ohlins HO 604 for sale. It is setup for a 200 lb rider. Used on a 2007 CBR1000RR. Asking $600 or best offer. Please email me at [email protected] _MG_4467.jpg Photo by dstrobe | Photobucket
  8. 2005 cbr1000rr fireblade 21,xxx miles

    For Sale
    Selling my 2005 cbr 1000rr because of college reasons, and not really having time to ride anymore. Don't want it just sitting around. The title is CLEAN. The bike has 21,xxx miles on it This bike was extremely well taken care of. Oil was always changed frequently and it has never had any...
  9. Georgia/Atlanta anyone?

    Eastern USA
    Anybody from Georgia? North Atlanta area? im looking for people to ride bike, also looking for someone to put my bae together willing to pay cash.

    Hi guys, I've just purchased an 06 cbr1000rr and was thinking about relocating the exhaust to a dump pipe under the motor between your feet just in front of the back wheel and was just wondering if it's possible or anyone has done it? Or if it's just a stupid idea? Any info helps thanks guys
  11. 2005 cbr1000rr repsol fairings

    For Sale
    Hi guys. I changed my fairings due to the fact that I broke a piece on my upper fairing.. I have the full set that is in pretty good shape.. I will sell all or pieces.. pm me for pics.. or more info.. thanks..
  12. Weird exhaust?

    Honda FireBlade
    I recently purchased a used 2008 cbr 1000rr with an odd exhaust. The exhaust is made by erion racing and the pipes are engraved with it. I have researched this exhaust and can not find anything about it. Im hoping someone else will be able to tell me more about it. The guy who I purchased the...
  13. Parts for 04-07 CBR1000RR

    For Sale
    I am building from scratch an 06 CBR1000RR and have a few parts left over. Some were purchased as package deals and didnt need all the parts. Getting rid of set of forks, steering stem, radiator, right clip-on with starter switch, and rear rim. Will to trade some parts for 04-07 cbr1000rr...
  14. Honda Cbr1000rr Repsol

    Honda Cbr1000rr Repsol

  15. 2009 Honda CBR1000RA ABS Problem

    Honda FireBlade
    I have an intermittent problem with the ABS on my 2009 CBR1000RA. I've owned the bike since it was new, it has 12000 miles on it. The problem started this year. Sometimes after riding 50 miles or so I get the fast flashing LED that indicates an ABS failure. After the failure, once I put the ABS...
  16. What sensors and compnents does a 04 Cbr1000rr engine need to run

    General Discussion
    I am building a hillclimber with the engine and can only get it to roll over. I want to shorten the original main harness. I have a wiring diagram from Haynes but, it seems to not be accurate because I can't locate the lean angle plug in; Any help Please
  17. Öhlins 30mm Cartridges & TTX36 Shock

    For Sale
    I am selling the ohlins suspension out of my 2008 CBR1000RR. The suspension was installed and tuned by Superbike Suspension in 2011. This suspension worked great for me this year, and is in great working condition. Both front and rear are sprung for a 135lb rider. Ohlins FGK 203 (Fits 2008 –...
  18. Front suspension stiff after shipping

    General Discussion
    i recently shipping my cbr and when they strapped down the front forks they compressed the suspension quite a bit. i wasnt too worried but when i had the bike uncrated i charged the battery and took the bike for a spin around the lock and to my surprise the bike was very stiff. it ceased to feel...
  19. CBR1000rr 2009 or 2011

    Honda FireBlade
    hi i am thinking of getting a CBR1000RR 2009 or a 2011 repsol. what is the difference between the 2009 and 2011 model?
  20. Help power loss and gurgling cbr1000rr 05

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a cbr1000rr 05 with 22k on and I recently changed oil and put a little extra oil in it when I looked at the sight glass that's when I realized it. The bike was running fine it has code 34 due to me unplugging the servo motor it has aftermarket exhaust. I was riding the other day and it...