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  1. Motorcycles For Sale
    1991 HONDA CBR400RR NC29 KONICA MINOLTA 13,000MILES £2000 ONO I'm reluctantly selling my 1991 Honda CBR400RR in Konica Minolta colours as i need a more upright bike for my commute. It has covered approx 13,000 miles and has MOT until end of May. I have owned this bike for 6 years and it has...
  2. Honda CBR400RR
    hey guys, just bought my first bike cbr400rr and very new to this forum. picked the bike up for $800 and she didnt run. pulled the carby out and took it to the local shop and they gave it a clean and pulled them apart. get a call saying i have needle and seat thats rooted... Theyve told me they...
  3. General Discussion
    What is the difference between HONDA CBR 400R and HONDA CBR 400RR ??
  4. Honda CBR400RR
    Im new to this forum and firstly would just like to say hi. I have been told that my baby is only firing on 3 cylinders, the cylinder that is not firing is apparantly the second one in from the left from the point of view of sitting on the bike. i was informed of this problem when i took my...
  5. General Discussion
    Hi does anyone know if a nc23 gearbox / gear changing forks will fit in a nc29 motor. This is on a cbr400. Thanks
  6. Honda CBR400RR
    Hi guys, Been an anonymous reader of this forum for a long time. I've finally joined because I'm in the sad position of needing to sell my lovely CBR400rr. I simply do not have the time to ride it and look after it, and it would be awful to let it rot in my garage! Link below is the ad...
  7. Honda CBR400RR
    Hi guys, passed my Mod 2 the other day and have been riding my NC23 for 2/3 days now. One thing I'm noticing is that the clutch lever is very stiff, it's actually making my hand / fingers ache after 1+ hour of riding. I'm not sure whether this is specific to my bike, or these type of bikes in...
  8. Introductions
    Hi, I'm Chris, 22 from the UK.. Erm, I've rode bikes on and off for years but just started my full bike license this year, actually had my final test (Mod 2) on Monday but the school's bike broke down so it was canceled! Anyway, at the start of the year I picked up a lovely 1989 CBR400RR...
  9. Honda CBR400RR
    There's a 2004 CBR400RR at my local dealers that i like the look of and am thinking of trading my YBR in against, does anyone know where to get 33bhp restrictor kits? How does the 400 cope as restricted? What's it like as a bike and how many active members have one?
  10. Honda CBR400RR
    I lost my oil filler cap the other day and lost a bit of oil but not sure how much. i recently did an oil filter/oil change so i know it was full at the time. my problem is that i dont have the original cap with dipstick, and everything I have read online and in haynes says that is the way to...
  11. Honda CBR400RR
    Hi all, I'm taking my test in the next few weeks and am really keen on getting a babyblade as my first bike (or a VFR). If anyone has an NC23 or NC29 for sale, or knows of one for sale, I have a budget that could stretch if the bike is in good condition. Cheers everyone!
  12. Honda CBR400RR
    Ladies and gents, Firstly i would like to say i am new to this site, but in the short time i have been a member the posts and threads have helped me alot, hence this post...i now want to give a little back. I recently purchased a 1994 CBR400RR NC29 from a friend at work. the bike had been...
  13. Honda CBR400RR
    Hey all. Read quite a few posts on here which have helped with various problems I've been having since rebuilding the baby blade, so thanks :clap: So, my issue. I seem to have a a fair amount of fuel draining out of what i think is some type of overflow pipe from the right hand (when sitting...
  14. cbr400rr

  15. some of my bikes

    my cbr400rr nc29 gullarm
  16. My Poor Z.. ..

    Kawasaki Z650, a work in progress
1-16 of 16 Results