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  1. Honda CBR 600
    Recently i got a honda from this cat everything seemed cool until like Monday my bike just wont start without a jump, even with a new battery, it starts right up after that, i try to take off n itll just die out, idk what the problem is i JUST started riding and this is killing the enjoyment
  2. General Discussion
    Ok guys here's something different, I have a go cart with a 97 cbr600 motor on it. It didn't run when I bought it and had a friend that knows about bikes get it running. I checked the coolant and it was empty so I put some in and checked the oil and all the coolant/oil was porring out of the oil...
  3. General Discussion
    Hello everyone! Temperatures in Michigan have finally peaked 45 for a couple days so its time to get the baby ready for another season. Unfortunately no luck. I stored the bike with a completely full tank of new gas (no additives, stabil etc), it had an oil change about 500 miles before...
  4. General Discussion
    For a couple weeks now I've been working on a 94 cbr600 that I just bought trying to get it started again. I think I am 99% there I just need to get everything put back together correctly. Could anyone post a picture of their carb assembly connected to their bike please? I need to make sure that...
  5. Honda CBR 600
    I have a 1998 CBR600 F3 (Km count 37000), it was running fine then I started having an annoying problem with it. It starts just fine and idles fine but when I pull rapidly hard on the throttle in the neutral the engine chokes and dies out around the red RPM mark (with little puffs of black smoke...
  6. Honda CBR 600
    Hey guys. I got a 1996 CBR600f3 from my cousin, all I had to do was fix it up and it was mine for the taking. Most mechanical issues are taken care of for now but the electrical issues are giving me a run for my money. My regulator went out on me a couple weeks ago, so we replaced that to find...
  7. General Discussion
    Will the wheels from a 2002 CBR600FS fit onto a 2002 CBR600F4 without adjustment?
  8. For Sale
    For sale Brand new in Factory box 1 only !!! (other Pipes available ,but Suzuki 's) Leo Vince Evo II Carbon #7735 CARBON FIBER CF MUFFLER WITH CARBON FIBER CF END CAP W DB KILLER QUIET INSERT HONDA CBR600 CBR 600 600RR CBR600RR 07 08 09 10 11 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 $700.00 email ...
  9. Streetfighter
    I just got this bike and am very interested in streetfighting it, im looking for custom headlights n guages n tail lights, for cheap or free, and also looking to see which years body parts are interchangeable, ie fuel tank, so if you know any links where I can find these parts or if you have em
  10. General Discussion
    it's been a week since i came to the states:patriot: , and i'm not that knowledgeable in sport-bikes , i used to drive back home my brothers hayabusa ,(i know how to drive but almost nothing about the how to tune up maintenance the bikes) i know that a cbr6004fi is the perfect one for me ...
  11. Wanted
    I need the right and left rear plastic for a 98 cbr600f3 red and black, but would consider other since color is just a paint both away.
  12. For Sale
    got a full set of oem plastics with very few small scratches that u cant even really notice no cracks ready to bolt up n look great $800.00 obo call me 419 three five one 68 four six thanks scott
  13. Wanted
    Hello, The Cal Poly Pomona Formula SAE team needs a primary (black body) fuel injector from a Honda CBR600F4i. Our existing units are from 2001 or 2002. I think the interchange year ranges from 01-06. One of our injectors failed and we need a replacement ASAP. We need just one, but a set...
  14. General Discussion
    Hi all, Anyone know if any models of CBR600 rearsets will fit the 1995 fireblade? Just been on track day and ground my buggers badly. Am thinking perhaps to hacksaw an inch off!! Ebay shows around £300 for a set, I aint paying thats for sure! Steve:rant:
  15. For Sale
    Faulty ECU, or lost the key for your 2003 - 2004 Honda CBR600RR with HISS immobilizer? This is what you need: For sale is: - ECU (or ECM, CDI, black box, computer... whatever you want to call it) removed from a 2003 Honda CBR600RR with the HISS immobilizer system - Un-cut key with matching chip...
  16. Honda CBR 600
    I found a windscreen from a 95 f3, just wondering if it will fit my 94 F2? Thanks
1-16 of 16 Results