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  1. CBR600F2 - Fried Reg/Rec Connector

    General Discussion
    A few days ago I was out riding and my bike died while sitting at a light. All my lights were dim and I couldn't start the engine. After getting it back home and reading multiple forum posts and troubleshooting guides I have found that my Reg/Rec has been fried (Images Below). As a result of...
  2. Oil Light On and Engine Noise at start up? F2

    Honda CBR 600
    So let me start from the beginning. I bought an F2 from this guy everything sounded good. Road it home (2 hour ride). Let it sit overnight to find my exhaust full of fuel:eek:. So i cleaned the carbs, put on a new petcock, cleaned the gas tank, put it all back correctly (im 100% sure)...
  3. F2 gas tank issue!!

    Honda CBR 600
    I have a 92 F2 that I recently bought and have encountered an issue with the fuel tank. While riding I ran out of gas despite the petcock lever being in the "on" position. I got gas to make it to the gas station and filled up the tank. I got home and put the bike in the garage, noticing the...
  4. Cbr electrical problems - Need HELP

    Honda CBR 600
    Okay so it goes like this. My clutch cable snapped on my cbr so I replaced it. When I got done replacing it I went to test it out on a little ride everything went fine. I get home and 30 minutes later I decide to go back out and my bike won't start. No headlights blinkers nothing on the days...
  5. CBR600F2 Upgrades

    General Discussion
    Im looking to get some more power out of my 94 600f2. I'm planning on putting a timing advance in, Im not sure what degree I should put in. I was thinking 2 degree timing advance, will I need to do anything else to the motor if I do this? What other cheap easy upgrades could I do to get some...
  6. Sad about selling my bike

    Honda CBR 600
    As of yesterday i put my 94 F2 for sale up on craigslist and already have a ton of replies and am showing the bike today, I have a baby girl due dec. 5 and really need the money, none the less, I am sad to let my bike go it was one of the fail-proof ways for me to relieve my stress.. It is worth...
  7. Tire Size for 94 F2?

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey everyone, I got my first bike about a month and a half ago. Its a 94 f2 and i really do love it. Its going to need a new rear tire any day now and i believe the the recommended size is 160/70/17... What do you guys/girls ride and why as I am wondering what size i should buy. I am a new rider...
  8. I need carb parts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    Honda CBR 600
    So where can i find the 4 black rubbers that go on the carbs and mate to the velocity stacks? please help!!!