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    hey guys i really would need some help on this. I have a 2000 cbr 600f4 that needs the head to be tapped for a spark plug to fit again.... i wanna go either helicoil or time sert but i’m curious and confused on how to get the tap inside the spark plug hole with enough sticking out to turn with a...
  2. 1999 CBR600 F4 Jumpy when warm

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey I just bought my first street legal motorcycle a 1999 CBR600 F4. It seems to run fine and everything is great until the temperature gauge goes up about half way. Once that happens if I come to a stop and go to roll out the bike jumps and sputters and often stalls which has almost gotten me...
  3. 2000 Honda CBR 600 F4

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    21,669 miles If you're looking for a clean and well cared for motorcycle to look good at bike nights, you should stop reading as this isn't the bike for you. If you're looking for a bike that's mechanically sound and can be ridden like a rented mule either to learn to ride or as a track bike...
  4. Can someone assist me?

    Honda CBR 600
    2 days i was riding my 2000 CBR 600 F4 and i lost my headlights. I parked my bike and went into the park for a bbq. once i came out and started my bike back up, i lost my taillights, only my turning signals worked. I turned the bike off, took the seat off to look at my fuse box, immediately, i...