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  1. Camshaft holder bolt stripped

    Honda FireBlade
    Today when putting my camshaft holder back in after valve adjustment, I stripped a bolt, pulled out 1 or 2 threads, and I chased it with a 6mm tap. Would this hold up? I would not be able to use helicoil or timesert as if i drilled it would leave half a mm of metal next to the camshaft. Is my...
  2. 95 cbr 900 fuel pump help/ fuel starvation

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a 95 cbr 900 that is powering a single seat dune buggy. It has K&N air filters and a supertrapp muffler. I bought it last year with almost no experience of streetbike engines and have learned along the way but there is one main issue im having that i cant seem to solve. The engine runs...
  3. SAG and settings on cbr900 rrw

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi again, I have searched the forum for 2 hours to save clogging it with pointless posts. what should the front and rear sag be? the bike is 1998 hagon rear shock and standard front. Also if anyone has any ideas for hagon set up that would be wonderful. have e mailed them but no reply, called...
  4. New guy, new streetfighter :) 93' cbr900rr

    Just showing off my new bike, which is the reason I joined this nice forum :) Sadly not my build though, would've been cooler if it was ^^, Only think I don't like is the fact that left side looks like **** compared to right side x) Build info: powdercoated frame 2006 R1 forks R1 front...
  5. 95 CBR900RR (893)

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi, I recently bought a 893, 1995 model. Its in great shape except for the electrical which I believe is temperamental. The Batter was not picking up a charge so I figured it was the rectifier or regulator. Unfortunately I had a long 3 hour ride recently and just before I got back home the...
  6. CBR900 - what happens to crankshaft and rod bearings when oil do'nt do it's job (pix)

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    I brought the bike two months ago and was preparing it for a stunt project of mine, when all was done I pulled it out for a test ride and after a few miles the engine stuck and wouldn't turn over. So I had to take down the engine and this is what I found! It had enough (4l) oil and this was not...

    General Discussion
    Alright guys, Wondering is someone could offer some advice. I am wanting to convert my 99 blade to twin exhaust, not under the seat, but like the sp1/2 or firestorm. Does anyone know what exhaust system might best fit, or offer itself best to this project?? And any general advice (on this...
  8. ICM Connector / Pins CBR900 RR '95

    Hello Everybody, I have some questions about the ICM connector/Pins of the CBR900 RR '95. I want to remove the pins of the ICM connector but don't know what kind of tool/trick you need for this. Anybody any thoughts ? And I'm also looking for new pins, but I don't find any supplier. I...
  9. Unknown Function Lg // G/W ICM CBR900 '95

    Hello everybody, I'm rewiring a kitcar Fury with an Honda CBR900 RR engine of '95. I don't need the safety circuit to start the engine because in a car this is not practical and there is no clutch switch. So does anybody know the function of these two wires: Light green (Lg) and Green/White...
  10. 97 cbr900rr track bike $1600!!!

    Motorcycles For Sale
    I have a 1997 cbr900rr track bike for sale with 38,800 on the clock. It is a solid bike with track fairings and 17 inch front wheel conversion and Dunlop q2's in decent shape. I only rode it 1 day and crashed it in my 5th session... the fairings are patched up and I have the new clip-on and...
  11. stock exhaust swap

    Swap Section
    Kinda a shot in the dark on this one but im wondering if anyone might have a full exhaust that they would want to swap for an oem full exhaust titanium wrapped headers. Ive got a 98 . Im hoping some one may be looking to go back to stock might be interested. Pm me.
  12. CBR900rr stunt setup???

    General Discussion
    Im very new to the stunt world and was wondering what would be the best type of sprocket and chain to start out. My 1996 CBR900 is stock with 43 teeth in the rear and 16 up front with stock chain. I mainly want to start drifting and ride wheelies( in a closed circuit of course :) ). I also want...
  13. cbr 900 speedosensor problem on 98 or 97

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi I just bought a cbr 900 that was said to be a 1998 model. But the speedometer don't work so I ordered a new sensor but found out that there is no place for me to connect it on the engine transmission. I've seen on picture where it was supposed to be. So what I think is that I have a 98...
  14. Tail cowl for 99 CBR900 can I use a 250?

    Honda FireBlade
    :clap: Hi All, I am the new owner of a 99 CBR 900 Fireblade and am super happy with it! I did 5000 kms touring through southeast Asia on a 100c honda win replica from China so this is quite an upgrade. I had a Honda 750 fr years ago. Anyway, I need a rear tail cowl for the bike and was hoping...
  15. Pro-Bolt Fairing Kit CBR900 Fireblade 98-99 Purple For Sale

    For Sale
    Hi guys I'm selling a Pro-Bolt Fairing Kit for a CBR900 Fireblade 98-99 on fleabay. PRO-BOLT FAIRING BOLT KIT CBR900 FIREBLADE 98-99 PURPLE on eBay (end time 12-Sep-10 19:27:07 BST) Come and grab yourself a bargin..
  16. 900RR parts>>>

    For Sale
    From a '95 900rr w/ ~15k $45 shipped 4 Pistons w/ pins and rings $20 shipped 2 Rods with caps (should replace studs as they are one time use plastic regency studs) $15 shipped Side cover gasket $15 shipped Black pained...
  17. tyre choice help

    Honda FireBlade
    hey all im looking for some new tyres for my rrv blade , its been off the road now for 2 years was running dunlop d208's front and back rang around to get some new ones but everyone is telling me its hard to get hold of them these days :idunno:the bike still has the 16 inch front wheel which im...
  18. '97 CBR900RR.

    '97 CBR900RR.

  19. '97 CBR900RR

    '97 CBR900RR

  20. 1993 CBR900rr

    1993 CBR900rr