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  1. I give my bikes Japanese names.

    Whatup, I've already been hangin around the FireBlade section workin out what seems to be a clogged fuel pump and thought I'd do an introduction here. Love this forum, people are actually on it. Looking at you, Ian and Racer. I wrecked an SV650 running and broke/fractured my back in July. Got a...
  2. Camshaft phasing help

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and am looking for some help. I've had my 1995 fireblade for about a year now and I've decided since it's winter now to do some maintenance including adjusting the valves. It looks like a bunch of parts were changed so I'm hoping some of the gurus here will be...
  3. CBR900RR "must do" list

    Honda FireBlade
    New member, long time rider. I just picked up my first CBR900RR. It needs some work to be road worthy again and in the process I thought I would ask if there are some "must do" items. With my last bike (VTX1800) there were probably 3-4 things that I always recommended new owners fix/add/change...
  4. Seeking CBR900rr 1999 engine

    Located in Southern California have a price range of 650, feel free to post any condition. Working would be best. Or would like a site for such listings.
  5. 1994 CBR900rr

    General Discussion
    Please help, I have a cbr900rr that is not going over 108mph at all. not jetted everything stock. I ride it on the freeway mostly. I use 91oct gas and service it more often than usual. just replaced the spark plugs,fuel pump, stator, regulator, chain, oil, fuel and air filters, clutch plates...
  6. ISO 98 CBR900rr Fairings

    I'm look for the middle fairings and possibly upper cowl for my 98 cbr900rr rebuild. Scratches are fine, just no broken. If there's cracks, I can fix those so long as they are not at the mounting points. I will be painting them, so color doesn't really matter. The only options I can find online...
  7. Brake Discs UK

    Honda FireBlade
    Good Morning all, Looking to overhaul the brakes on my '94 CBR900RRR and would like some opinion here from the community. The brake discs on my bike are ok, the bike stops well in the dry, but I commute on motorways a lot, so the brakes don't get much use and get a little hairy in the wet, you...
  8. cbr900rr wont start

    General Discussion
    I have tried many things to get the bike start. I put new plugs in it and still nothing. The bike does have spark and the wires are hooked up correctly. The bike is also getting fuel. I actually flooded it many times during the process of trying to start it. I have tried to use starting fluid...
  9. FS: Akrapovic Full Carbon System for CBR900RR

    For Sale
    I just bought a full stainless Akrapovic system with the carbon oval can for my 1993 CBR900RR and a car totaled my bike before I had a chance to install it. It came from a 1998 CBR900RR. It's in fantastic shape!!! Includes the rubber wrapped springs, new exhaust gaskets, and a brand new carbon...
  10. 99 900rr parts needed

    For Sale
    Lookin for 99 900rr body parts...
  11. 98 Honda CBR900RR "Black Widow Project"

    Review My Ride
    Here are just some of the changes that have been made up to date: • 41mm Jet Kit • Custom Air Box Filter and Air flow control system (flo-commander) • CBRF4 600rr Coil conversion • F4 Digital gauge swap • Race ignition advancing system (Dyna 2000) • 97...
  12. Replacement screen for 99 cbr900rr

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi, I am looking for a replacement screen for 99 cbr900rr. One with a lip on the top edge like the stock item and preferably not a 'double bubble' type screen. Can anyone direct me to a retailer. The oem items are near $300 now. I am in Australia but don't mind buying OS. Thanks. Ads
  13. 95 CBR900RR (893)

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi, I recently bought a 893, 1995 model. Its in great shape except for the electrical which I believe is temperamental. The Batter was not picking up a charge so I figured it was the rectifier or regulator. Unfortunately I had a long 3 hour ride recently and just before I got back home the...

    For Sale
  15. '98 CBR900RR Starting issues

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys newbie on this forum and with motorcycle mechanicing lol. Just bought my '98 CBR900rr about two weeks ago in rough condition. It looked to have been wrecked by the owner before the one I purchased it from. It has been sitting for who knows how long. I know for sure it needed some TLC...
  16. Hello from Calgary Alberta!

    Well, currently I'm condemned to my 9th floor apartment and off of the streets due to some flooding, so why not make an account and introduce myself! The bike is a 1998 Honda CBR919RR with a few mods. CBR1000RR front end Renthal Bars MT-03 Headlight tucked and raised Yoshimura RS3 carbon...
  17. 02 cbr954rr help!

    Honda FireBlade
    I'm new to this site, and I need some help. I recently picked up an 02 cbr954 as a new project it was in rough shape when I got it a wireing nightmare just random cut wires every where. I've got all of the wireing fixed or replaced as of now and i have been able to ride it. seems to run great...
  18. 94 CBR900rr Thoughts on Aftermarket Fairings

    General Discussion
    I am acquiring a 1994 CBR900rr. The previous owner was essentially building the bike from the ground up and the bike is good. The biggest thing I noticed was the fairings (black, yellow, purple) have a few problems with them like a 1" hole in the side fairing and a couple cracks. The front...
  19. HONDA CBR 900 rr trouble please help!!!

    General Discussion
    I have a 1999 Honda cbr 900rr and I just got it back from a shop after a month from not riding it !!! I also just paid 364 dollars for the fix anyway not even 24 hours later I stopped at a friends house that lived down a bumpy dirt road (this may have something to do with problem ) I come out to...
  20. 93CBR900RR - Motor Blown :(

    Motorcycles For Sale
    I have a great looking bike that I have had for many many years now, that I need to get rid of, only problem is that fact that shes blown. I was cruising 100+ with some buddies behind me and I heard something pop. Next thing I know I was covered with some hot liquid, so I grabbed the clutch...