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  1. What if the CCT was replaced without removing the valve cover?

    Honda FireBlade
    Bit of background... I have a 2000 929, 12K miles, exhaust and intake htev delete including servo delete (so its not that) K&N filters, full Yoshi exhaust, Dobrect EJK fuel injection controller, iridium plugs. Ridden well, sometimes like I stole it. I'm 51 and very mechanically inclined, usually...
  2. 2007 cbr1000rr cam chain replacement

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi There, I have ordered a new cam chain and tensioner lifter from Honda and hoping to replace them this weekend. For replacing the cam chain: 1. Remove cylinder head cover (valve cover). would i need a new gasket here? 2. Set TDC, ensuring IN & EX cam sprockets are level with casing. 3...
  3. 929 Metal Knocking sound

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi everyone! I bought a 2000 CBR 929 RED/BLUE/WHITE. The bike needs a lot of TLC :) Work I already did: - Fairing bolt upgrade - new oil pan ( old one was cracked near the drain bolt) - front brake new seals and pads. but now, I noticed a loud metal knock on the upper engine side, side of...
  4. 01 f4i not running right after cct/slip-on!!!

    Honda CBR 600
    So not long ago I had a local dealership install an ape manual cct on my bike, at first everything was fine, but after it had got to normal temp I noticed the idle had dropped to around 900 rpm's. I let it sit for a couple days and then I finally got my Two Bros m2 carbon black series slip on ...
  5. 929 engine noise NEED HELP

    Honda FireBlade
    2001 929 erion racing So i need some genius help. I installed the manual CCT like everyone was saying within threads to eliminate that god awful knocking/rattling noise between 3-5k rpm. It does it in neutral, and is barely audible in gear. The CCT did not remove the noise at all and I am...
  6. So I got my blade back yesterday..

    Honda FireBlade
    I had given to a friend/mechanic to work out some electrical gremlins and replace the CCT. Well the electrical is fine but I think something might be wrong with the CCT. First when I come to a stop sign or light 7/10 times it will have a little stutter and sound like it is ready to die, it also...