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  1. Yet another CDI failure topic

    Honda RC51
    Hi all, So CDI keeps failing on my '05 RVT and I can't seem to find what's causing it:crying Here's the story. Bike was stored away for winter in a garage - petrol tank full, battery took out and on minder in my apartment. Bike itself was in one of those huge zip-lock bags to keep dampness...
  2. Honda Shadow 600 CDI

    Hey everyone, I'm having the hardest time finding a cdi for a 01 Honda Shadow vt600. My wiring harness has 2 plus on is a 4 pin other is a 6 pin. I have found CDI's but they are 1 big plug. Does anyone make after market CDI's? and if so can you post a link? Or if you or anyone you know has a...
  3. 00 CBR sabotage repair.

    General Discussion
    Hello new here, and looking for some assistance righting a wrong. I have a 2000 CBR 600F4. I had a 02 zx6 which I trailered down and gave to my son. On my return trip my trailer blew a tire in a curve on the highway at about 60mph. Truck trailer and bike trashed all at once. Now the worst part...
  4. 98 CBR 900RRW CDI/ECM box for sale

    For Sale
    I got a cdi/ecm box for sale. Picked it up for my 98 rrw thinking my old one may be bad and it ended up being the pulse generator. So i have an extra i need to get rid of. The numbers on it are as follows MASG AC 974U 7X14. My original one is MASG FC 971U 7Y14. Ill sell either one for a...
  5. 1998 cbr900 parts

    Swap Section
    I have a few extra parts for sale/trade Things i have: Full front fairing : has a crack on right side just in front of where right clipon would be. Was repaired once with glue and spot putty but opened back up when i removed the fairing. Needs to be stripped and repainted also. Is currently...
  6. New CDI 87' Aero? No spark on all cylinders

    Honda CBR400RR
    HI Guys new here but struggling to get a spark on my aero Been testing all day today and cant solve the problem What i Have tested so far: Pulse Generator coils - both reading 375 ohms Wiring from Pulse generator to CDI - No open circuits Wiring from CDI to coils - No open circuits Primary...
  7. NC23 CDI Burnt - SOLVED!!

    Honda CBR400RR
    Hi all, new guy here I bought my first big bike last night, an NC23 i absolutely love her and she's a very quick bike. Though i already have a problem less than 24 hours of owning it :mad: I gave her a damn good wash and polish this afternoon ready for some pics (never actually got...
  8. What year is my CDI/CPU?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey Guys, I'm trying to determine the year of my CDI/CPU for my 'Blade. As we know, a lot of these bikes are not matching parts and mine is no exception. Here's the info on the black box: MALA US 973G 6124 Does anyone know how to look up those numbers to determine what year the CDI is...