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charging issues

  1. Problem with Charging system 1999 900rr

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    Hey guys, having a bad day just found out my charging system is not functioning correctly AGAIN :( , recently I've bought new and changed out the stator & regulator/rectifier and it ran perfect... But today I was riding and my gaudge fuse blew out I checked my connections from my stator to the...
  2. CBR600F2 - Fried Reg/Rec Connector

    General Discussion
    A few days ago I was out riding and my bike died while sitting at a light. All my lights were dim and I couldn't start the engine. After getting it back home and reading multiple forum posts and troubleshooting guides I have found that my Reg/Rec has been fried (Images Below). As a result of...
  3. charging issues 03 954

    Honda FireBlade
    My bike runs great once started sometimes loose lights and gauges than the battery seems to be dead. After jump starting the bike it runs fine again but battery does not charge few days and rides later battery started bike then later was dead again. Changed the battery and after a few days back...