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  1. 99 900rr choke parts

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, anyone know what the piece that attaches to the choke cable and carbs is called that opens the choke and where to get one? I can't seem to find mine, and now it's getting cold I will definitely need it lol
  2. starting problem. any ideas??

    General Discussion
    ok i have a 95 honda cbr600 f3. i bought this past summer and it would start and run everytime no problem, when it got cold i parked the bike and emptied the gas. i put a gallon in the other day and tried to start it. it cranked and cranked but nothing happened. it finally fired up for about 10...
  3. 929 choke problem

    Honda FireBlade
    i just removed add a race system to my 929 but now hen i start the bike up the choke is screaming in the high revs?? once the bike is warm it runs as normal, now i know on the 929 if you open the throttle while its on choke the revs go a bit mad but now it does it every time i start the bike...
  4. To Choke, or not to choke

    Honda CBR400RR
    Hi Guys! Newbie from South Africa here. Sorry, I'm repeating myself! Still learning my way around the site. Bought myself a 1991 CBR400RR NC29 a month ago as my first bike! Enjoying it a lot! Even dropped it in the first month (enjoying it to much)! Now it has become a bit of a...