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  1. Electronics
    HI GUYS im in the process of replacing the front end on my cbr900rrv, im at the put back together stage, I replaced the upper stay on the front that holds the clocks and fairing, to do this i had to unclip a few loom connectors. I marked everything so im sure it is all back together correctly...
  2. Honda FireBlade
    So a couple days ago i posted a short video in my build thread (it's currently my last post) on how my transplanted F4i gauges show 2 grand as Zero on the tacho. It does the sweep, but stops at 2K thinking it's zero. I haven't got any assistance on that issue, so now I'm starting a thread on...
  3. Electronics
    I love the latest all digital dash on the 2012 Fireblade and was wondering if it would fit a 2010 Fireblade without too much hassle? Any info greatly appreciated.
  4. Honda FireBlade
    Hi all I have a 01 929rr and I really enjoy riding this bike but im always looking for new and diffrent ways to enjoy my bike even more. I was riding my buddys 09 cbr 600 and I liked his speedo a lot so I had a great idea to find a 09 cbr 600 speedo and install it on my 929. My question is have...
1-4 of 4 Results