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  1. Wanted
    I'm looking for a clutch basket for a 93 blade, 95-97 will also do apparently. UK only.
  2. Honda FireBlade
    Does anybody know any tricks to unstaking the 30mm nut that holds your clutch basket? They staked it so far into the key i had to take a rotary tool and tried to grind it out with no luck, it just seems to keep pushing metal farther in. On a different note, anyone have a clutch basket for a 98...
  3. Honda CBR400RR
    Hey all. This is a bit of a cut and paste from 400greybike.I am rebuilding my first bike. All seemed to be going well until i tried got the the thing finished. It starts and runs butclutch has gone. Can't get it into neutral and it drags like hell when trying to move it in gear. I wish i had...
  4. General Discussion
    I have a 07 CBR1000rr and my clutch basket exploded on me putting two holes in the lower engine case. Has anybody had this issue? The bike has 26,000 miles on it and this is my first issue ever. Just curious if there is something else or if it was just the basket giving up.
1-4 of 4 Results