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clutch cover

  1. Cover behind clutch gasket 05 cbr1000

    I don't really know what this peace called, but i need it ASAP please let me know whats it called, or where i can find it.
  2. clutch cover '94 compatible with '97?

    Honda FireBlade
    hello I just wanted to know if the '94 clutch cover (without sight glass) can fit on a 97 clutch cover (with sight glass and removable circular honda logo plate, 3 hex bolts)
  3. Remove Clutch Cover 2000 CBR 900 RR

    Honda FireBlade
    I'm finding it rather difficult to remove the clutch cover on my bike to replace the clutch. I wonder, do I need to pull the clutch release fork up and out of the cover before taking it completely off? I'm certain I can figure it out I just don't want to break anything. Any info would help, Thanks.