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  1. electrical issue with my 1981 CM400

    Honda Cruisers
    my headlamp works, the turn signals work (when activated), the brake light works (when brake applied). what DOESN'T work: speedometer/tachometer illumination, turn signals are not 'always on' (when not activated), the back light. i checked fuses and obvious connections--seems to be ok. here's...
  2. CB400t CM400 engine

    Hi guys! I'm hunting for an engine from a cb400t or cm400 to fit on a project bike I have. I'm interested in any engine that will fit my cb400t frame, as I want to replace the 250t that's on it now.any leads appreciated. I'm in Australia so overseas freight may be an issue, I'll look into the...
  3. 81 CM450 swap to CM400 Frame

    General Discussion
    I have a mint 81 CM400E (aside from the seized engine that is). I have received advice from a couple sources that the CM450 will bolt right onto my frame, and that the 450 is more reliable due to the oil cooler. Has anyone ever done this swap? I am planning on using the Carb, and starter...