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  1. Honda Cruisers
    my headlamp works, the turn signals work (when activated), the brake light works (when brake applied). what DOESN'T work: speedometer/tachometer illumination, turn signals are not 'always on' (when not activated), the back light. i checked fuses and obvious connections--seems to be ok. here's...
  2. Wanted
    Hi guys! I'm hunting for an engine from a cb400t or cm400 to fit on a project bike I have. I'm interested in any engine that will fit my cb400t frame, as I want to replace the 250t that's on it now.any leads appreciated. I'm in Australia so overseas freight may be an issue, I'll look into the...
  3. General Discussion
    I have a mint 81 CM400E (aside from the seized engine that is). I have received advice from a couple sources that the CM450 will bolt right onto my frame, and that the 450 is more reliable due to the oil cooler. Has anyone ever done this swap? I am planning on using the Carb, and starter...
1-3 of 3 Results