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  1. 929rr crank case repair

    General Discussion
    Hi, I've got 3 pics here of a cracked engine case, located behind my stator cover. Can this be repaired by a welder without removal from the bike? Obviously I'll take the tank off and remove some hoses. I was planning on rolling it into his shop and laying it down on the slider so the can get...
  2. 2001 CBR929RR left side stator cover

    Honda FireBlade
    So I got side swiped on a round about today, and of course the guy sped off and no one got plates. The bike went down, without too much damage. The left side stator cover did crack though, almost entirely. As I was taking it off though, I noticed that the actual frame itself was also cracked...
  3. HOW TO: CBR 929 plastic weld and paint prep

    Articles: Honda FireBlade
    So you have a cracked plastic fairing on your bike. Most people trash it and buy a new piece. Not anymore, you can fix it yourself easy. Here's the how to on how to plastic weld ABS plastic fairings. I start out with CBR 1000rr tail I fixed and continue the how to with the custom work I did to...