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  1. 2008 1000RR - got the crank noise, past the warranty extension. Is this detrimental?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi, new guy here but I've creeped for a while. Picked up an 08 blade in pristine condition a few thousand miles ago. No oil burning, but just recently I have started to hear the famous "tractor idle" from the clutch. Did the clutch loading test and sure enough the engine quieted right up. My...
  2. CBR900 - what happens to crankshaft and rod bearings when oil do'nt do it's job (pix)

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    I brought the bike two months ago and was preparing it for a stunt project of mine, when all was done I pulled it out for a test ride and after a few miles the engine stuck and wouldn't turn over. So I had to take down the engine and this is what I found! It had enough (4l) oil and this was not...
  3. Need 93-95 crankshaft /crankcase ant the rest!

    I'm looking to find a complete crankcase, crankshaft, bearings etc. Must be in good condition! Mine blew a crack in the shaft and with it a couple of bearings. Need to replace it entirely but cannot afford everything new for an ol' timer. Help anyone?