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  1. guys... I laid my beloved Fireblade down :(

    General Discussion
    I was making a right hand turn onto a road and I saw there was gravel, but clearly I didn't know just how much there really was. there was gravel, sand, and large rocks, and once the front tire went, there was literally nothing I could do except fall and do a safety roll. I'm so grateful for...
  2. Crashed 954RR

    Honda FireBlade
    Well, the inevitable happened. I crashed my bike yesterday morning on the way to work. I was wearing my jacket and my helmet and it is because of them, that I am well enough to talk about it today. The accident happened at a relatively slow speed, 35 mph. But I was still ejected about 6-8 feet...
  3. R & G crash protector fitting problem 929

    Honda FireBlade
    I just got a set of r&g crash protectors for my 2000 929 blade. Foillowing instructions i undid the nearside engine bolt and put the spacer in the recess in the frame. After a while of trying to fasten the bolt, it seems that it will not work and the bolt is spinning, but I'm no longer able to...
  4. need 2008 graffiti plastics

    Honda CBR 600
    Ok guys so i was riding lastnight at 10:00 and a car pulled out in front of me and caused me to lose control of my bike and lay it down, the car must have knowin something happend because they took off like a bat outta hell. Im alright besides me knee being screwed up and my bike is good except...
  5. Went Down Yesterday

    Honda FireBlade
    Well, yesterday I was out with about 10 friends, going for a short ride down one of the more twisty roads near Beaufort SC. We were about 10 miles into the ride. I was riding around a right hand corner (at about 55mph), when I seen the demon in front of me. This time it was a patch of sand/dirt...
  6. Soo Anyone seen this one before? Any suggestions 2k 929RR

    Honda FireBlade
    Sooo, I crashed at the track. Nothing major, decided to ride off onto the grass, and she tucked and I guess while I was tumbling across the green, it flipped a couple times. Anyway, Im having difficulties figuring out exactly how this happened. when I picked her up off the ground all that...
  7. Female Rider, New to the site !!

    Hi, everybody!! :welcome: I've been modeling for 11 Years now. I love the scene and all the great pics I get.. I have a few modeling contracts, always looking for new business.. I've been riding for 2 1/2 years total now.. I have a 99 Honda CBR 600 F4, VERY LOW miles.. I got a HELL of a deal on...
  8. Pitty bites "MG"

    Pitty bites "MG"

    Andrew pitt had a bad weekend at the 05 SBK at Phillip Island, This was one of many.