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custom undertail

  1. HOW TO: CBR 929 sheet metal undertail

    Articles: Honda FireBlade
    I have a 00 CBR 929. This mod is worth it on any sport bike from the 80s on up to 2005ish before they started putting under tail exhaust, high angle tails (not so bad as the Germans lol), and other nice looking stock tails that you wouldn't want to ruin. On that note, this mod isn't for...
  2. 06 1000rr tail on 929 mod

    Honda FireBlade
    Friends with __z__, got the idea to put a 1000rr tail on my 929 from him. I got a cracked rr tail off e-bay for $40 and plastic welded it with my $4 soldering iron (saving $160 from having to buy mint used tail). Then I took my old 929 tail off and set the rr tail on and found the stock...