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  1. General Discussion
    Be fair: in anyone's opinion, as a serious buyer in the market for a restomodded 93 900RR, professionally maintained with several add-ons and trick parts, and presumably less than 15k miles (probably only less than 2k on refreshed motor from 2014)....... what should it fetch? Thanks
  2. For Sale
    I'm not here to church it up. I resealed the tank liner (POR-15 kit, no issues with that). I couldn't get the nuts to seal on the fuel pump gasket (and I wanted to ride) so I used a steel stick and Seal All to seal around the fuel pump. The fuel ate the Seal All and it leaked overnight. I bought...
  3. General Discussion
    G'Day! Does anyone have the dimensions of a CBR1000 oil pump? Reason: I'm thinking of using one as a scavenge pump for a dry sump project, and need to calculate the theoretical flow rate of the pump before we buy one. The dimensions I need are shown in the image If anyone can provide...
  4. General Discussion
    So i decided to repaint my upper front and i like the flat crimson red with matte clearcoat but may add a light clear coat of gloss. Also painted the center of the light. This is a 954RR :0)
  5. Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    so im looking for a new bolt on for my 954. i currently have a yoshimura rs-3 on it and its way too quiet for me since i cant for the life of me figure out how to get the stupid silencer thing out. i stumbled across this top speed racing shorty exhaust and was wondering if anyone has one or has...
  6. Motorcycles For Sale
    So GarrettSR5 was browsing Craig's list and asked if this was my old bike (My original 93 Winter Revamp). Well folks, yes it is. And I would implore anyone in the area of this ad (New York) with the cash that's a member of this site to snatch it up and give it a new home. I don't know the...
  7. Review My Ride
    process of fitting the fairings from a 2000 929RR to my 1999 900RR. Next I'm modifying the subframe from a 929RR I bought to fit my frame
  8. Honda FireBlade
    My stock 93 900RR rear shock is toast. Using it with a 96 VFR SSSA. I can pick up the right spring here in town, but I'm wondering if anyone running a SSSA has found success here with a later model shock swap for the set-up. I do not want to pay Ohlins money. Just something that works and can...
  9. Review My Ride
    Hey guys. Just an update on the bike. It is now lowered 2" and stretched 9". Added gold bolt kit from PROBOLT and gold triple-tree. Add-ons: Two Brothers Juice Box Scotts steering dampener Custom levers,shifter,rear sets LED smoked taillight with LED signals Factory signal delete with led pods...
  10. Introductions
    Hey guys. Just an update on the bike. It is now lowered 2" and stretched 9". Added gold bolt kit from PROBOLT and gold triple-tree. Add-ons: Two Brothers Juice Box Micron Exhaust White/Blue face gauges Iridium windshield Iridium bar ends Iridium exhaust Complete gold accents Aluminum short,fat...
  11. Streetfighter
    My Dented tank from 900rr CBR. Also added sharp lines down sides for nicer looks. Let me know what yall think...
  12. General Discussion
    Pictures by codyspence112386 - Photobucket Well I have a 94 900 rr....Ive decided to put the engine on a old quad.. i have a old banshee that would be a good donor... I had a friend say man that would be bad ass if you could use the 900 frame... so Went to work.. This is where i am now...
  13. 95 900rr

    her name is casper shes a sweetheart
  14. Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    I have been looking around for a good website that has a lot of items that goes to a 2000 cbr 929... Not many websites that i can find have good stuff that goes to a cbr 929..... any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Im not looking for any parts in particular. just want to look around and...
  15. Review My Ride
    hello fellow members just stopping by to see what you guys think about my 2008 cbr1000rr. the color is a laguna seca blue with a flat black tank and front tire hugger, was thinking of doing a all fairings flat black with gold wheels. my mods include: *two brohers slip-on *bmc air filter *power...
  16. Streetfighter
    Well..... Now loopys back in work I can seriously think about my next project...... and although "Thundergod" is still in progress it's mainly tweaking I'm gunna do and I need summut else to tinker with and over the last few days I have been putting some thought into this...... First I've...
  17. 900RR

    The Yeller Beast
  18. 900RR

    The Yeller Beast
1-18 of 18 Results