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  1. CBR 900rr Rear wheel + F3 Front + rotors + Dunlop Q3's

    For Sale
    Hey all, I come from Wristtwisters, where these wheels are common on the 919 and 599. But, thought you guys would have more interest? I don't post a lot on here (ever), but I am a moderator over there and trustworthy. Just PM for info or reply in-thread. I'm subscribed. 6 spoke 900rr Rear and...
  2. DUNLOP SPORTMAX D207 "GP"130/70ZR16

    For Sale
    Hi Bought this tyre at a race meeting a few years ago to fit my Honda Fireblade. It has been kept in a heated garage and should be good for road use. The bike has not been used for years, hence the sale. It is a race tyre & so will offer more than enough of grip for the road. It may be ok for a...
  3. Dunlop Sportmax Q3

    Honda FireBlade
    Sup ya'll I just threw a set of Dunlop Sportmax Q3 on my 07 CBR1000RR suppose to be a 50/50 tyre. :eyebrows: The normal profile on the rear of my Honda is a 190/50/17 and front a 120/70/17, but my rear hugger was high enough to clear a 190/55/17 so that's what I did! :evilaugh: ....I had a set...
  4. tyre choice help

    Honda FireBlade
    hey all im looking for some new tyres for my rrv blade , its been off the road now for 2 years was running dunlop d208's front and back rang around to get some new ones but everyone is telling me its hard to get hold of them these days :idunno:the bike still has the 16 inch front wheel which im...