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electrical problem

  1. Stator/ regulator-rectifier problems!!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey again guys! After sorting out my electrical issues I'm at a new problem from which I hear is pretty common with CBR 954s. Thought I had a bad battery but voltage tests reads 12.25 or above. Been told its either the stator or the reg/rec switch and more likely the switch than the stator, any...
  2. 929rr electrical issue

    Honda FireBlade
    I washed my 929rr yesterday and went for a ride. I had to roll it down a hill and pop the clutch due to the battery being dead from what I thought was sitting to long. not to long ago the stator and rectifier went bad and while I was replacing I noticed the plugs for the rectifier and side stand...
  3. buzzing noice etc

    General Discussion
    hi I have a Honda cbr 600 f2, there is a buzzing sound coming from the front of the bike, could be under the tank. the buzzing only starts when the bike is warm, don't hear it at idle or neutral, so 10mins into my ride the bike is warm the buzzing starts, it has different pitches different...
  4. Electrical Fail?!

    General Discussion
    I have a 2006 CBR1000rr. Going on an afternoon ride I noticed that the cluster gauges were acting wildly. The rev indicator was bouncing wildly and the speed was reading a flat 0 mph. Oil light indicator would flick on and off as well as a few other caution lights. During this the bike was...
  5. Bike problems: bike shut off and turned back on while riding

    General Discussion
    Omg so something happened to my bike when i was on the way home from a group ride. Its never happened before, i was gunning it on a straight after a left turn and the whole electrical system shut off all of a sudden; as if the ignition was turned off. I was like wtf, applied slight front brakes...