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  1. *solved* 02 cbr954rr No Headlight, Fuel pump, or Front turn signals?

    Honda FireBlade
    So the other day i was just going down the road and the bike just shut off luckily i wasn't far from home so i just pushed it, but after reading alot of posts ive developed a long list of things ive tried to diagnose unfortunately i haven't had much luck. So ill Mention that it reset my miles...
  2. (electrically) dead 954

    Honda FireBlade
    Morning guys, greetings from the UK Wondered if somebody could help me and my 2002 fireblade 954. I went for a ride and got about 20 miles from home. I stopped the bike for a breather and cut the bike (kill switch and then ignition off). When I went to restart, there was no power. Bit strange...
  3. 02 954 won't start

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey there fine persons of the Fireblades forum, My 2002 CBR954RR will not start, and I mean that is the only thing that it won't do; meaning, The ignition works, guages and clock come on The fuel pump primes, (kuh-wrrrrr) It cranks when I press on the starter The ONLY thing it isn't doing is...
  4. New combination meter, need to reflect miles.

    Honda CBR 600
    Alright so I just replaced my combination cluster and my odometer is at 5. How to I adjust and add miles to reflect the previous miles I had on it. I don't want to hear anything saying that it's illegal or any BS like that. It's not illegal to adjust a odometer to reflect the current actual...
  5. Forgot Rags in TB and wont start now Help?

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    2011 CBR 600RR So the story starts with me trying to Replace my airfilter. everythings going fine. get into the air box and here is where my mistake was made. i put rags into the Throttle bodies to keep from dropping screws into my engine.(Because i am a clutz and i know it.) long story short...
  6. Winterize your bike!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey people, I just finished up rewiring my '93 900rr and installing a bunch of new electrical components. Some of you may remember my frantical rants about an electrical "brown out" that I was experiencing shortly after rolling out of my driveway on my bike... Well, it turns out the problem was...
  7. Wiring Harness Value?

    General Discussion
    How much can I sell a Main Wiring Harness in really good condition for?? For a 2002 CBR954rr
  8. Circle earth on an NC23?

    Honda CBR400RR
    Never did get to the bottom of my starting issue, but whilst searching for parts for my Lexus I stumbled across something which may help (or not, who knows), given that the electrical system appears to be a weak spot on these bikes. The Hks 'circle earth' kit supposedly improves the grounding...
  9. Electrical Fail?!

    General Discussion
    I have a 2006 CBR1000rr. Going on an afternoon ride I noticed that the cluster gauges were acting wildly. The rev indicator was bouncing wildly and the speed was reading a flat 0 mph. Oil light indicator would flick on and off as well as a few other caution lights. During this the bike was...
  10. CBR 929 34"x24" Laminated Wiring Schematic

    For Sale
    I have an enlarged wiring schematic that I made when working on a project for my old bike. Sold the bike but still have the schematic if anyone is interested. It is for a CBR 929 and it is 34"x24" and laminated. PM me if interested.
  11. Electrical wiring connectors

    Honda FireBlade
    Can someone help me identify what this connector is on my friends wiring harness. As you can clearly see it has been burnt and we are wanting to replace it but we have no clue what it is:idunno:. This is off of a 2003 CBR 954RR this connector is located directly under the seat and close to the 2...
  12. 97 CBR 600 F3 will not turn OFF

    General Discussion
    Hey, I'm new to this place and hoping one of you can help me. Someone cut out my ignition and broke a few of my fairings, not too big of a deal. There was no power, so I got my new ignition and that still didn't work. I unplugged it and started looking into it a little more. What I found is...
  13. F3 won't turn off.

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey, I'm new to this place and hoping one of you can help me. Someone cut out my ignition and broke a few of my fairings, not too big of a deal. What is really frustrating me now is that it won't turn off! I replaced the master fuse, it was blown, and now it will not turn off! There is no...
  14. electrical issue with my 1981 CM400

    Honda Cruisers
    my headlamp works, the turn signals work (when activated), the brake light works (when brake applied). what DOESN'T work: speedometer/tachometer illumination, turn signals are not 'always on' (when not activated), the back light. i checked fuses and obvious connections--seems to be ok. here's...
  15. WEIRD electrical problem: Left Turn signal & Radiator Fan

    Honda FireBlade
    Okay, so this is a really weird issue with my 02 CBR954RR. First off, I tried to search the forum and came up with nothing, so if the solution to this is in another thread and I missed it, I apologize for wasting your time. There seems to be some sort of connection between the power for my...
  16. 929 electrical problem, possible short?

    Honda FireBlade
    I was recently redoing the undertail wiring on my '01 929 since the previous owner installed an integrated undertail unit and it looked like a jungle of wires. When I was testing some wires I accidentally touched 2 of the brake light or turn signal lights to the exhaust pipe. I heard a small pop...
  17. 99 FireBlade Issues With Battery Dieing

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey im more or less looking for some second and third opinions, im pretty sure my stator is getting weak but who knows maybe this has happened to someone else in the past? Heres whats happening, my 99 fireblade after boosting will run and charge its battery. And while running its generating...
  18. Strange alternator(?) issue

    Honda CBR400RR
    Ok, this has got me (and everyone else I know with some mechanical/electrical/automotive knowledge) stumped. The cross phase voltage on the alternator is approx 2V across any of the 3 phases. This is the same hooked up to the RegRec as not. There is only a minor (.2V) increase when going up...
  19. Fried electrical system??

    Honda Cruisers
    I mistakenly installed a left handed battery in my 83 honda magna. I briefly cross-connected the battery. Now nothing works. Is there a main fuse or some similar central device that I should start looking at?
  20. Another wiring problem. No ground.

    Honda FireBlade
    Ok, i hate writing this because its covered everywhere but my bike is just not exactly doing the same as everyone elses. So here is the deal, one day my bike just dies on me and i get it home to the garage. after taking it apart i realize the fuel pump isnt kicking on. so i test the pump by...