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  1. Honda FireBlade
    So I have a case with a cracked lower. The cylinders are still ok on it though. I have a brand new factory full case. What I'm wondering is anyone see a prob w using the old top w the new bottom to use up another 10k on the old top? I could imagine the crank bearing seats between top n bottom...
  2. General Discussion
    I have a 07 CBR1000rr and my clutch basket exploded on me putting two holes in the lower engine case. Has anybody had this issue? The bike has 26,000 miles on it and this is my first issue ever. Just curious if there is something else or if it was just the basket giving up.
  3. Honda FireBlade
    Sooo, I crashed at the track. Nothing major, decided to ride off onto the grass, and she tucked and I guess while I was tumbling across the green, it flipped a couple times. Anyway, Im having difficulties figuring out exactly how this happened. when I picked her up off the ground all that...
1-3 of 3 Results