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engine dont start

  1. CBR900RR-X Running problems

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi guys, just picked up a cheap 1999 fireblade that's a non runner. I've take the head off and performed a leak test, which showed all four cylinders had leaking valves. Now my question is the is very light scoring in cylinders 2 and 3 is this normal? Also when the engine was whole I tried...
  2. Can't get bike to start, honda cbr600rr

    Honda CBR 600
    So in May I bought a 2011 cbr600rr from a dealer that had 1,200 miles on it. Yesterday I replaced the front turn signals and then the bike wouldn't start. I retraced my steps and found out a stray wire strand had burnt out some fuses so I fixed that replaced the fuses and the bike started right...
  3. CBR 1000 is turning but doesnt start

    General Discussion
    Hello all, I'm new to this site and I'm writing this on behave of my brother who's currently fixing a 2007 CBR 1000RR. We just finished doing an engine overhaul because the bike began to show some problems roughly a year ago. So now a new problem popped up. The engine turns but doesn't want...
  4. Another 954 Starting Problem

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello all! OK, here is my dilemma: I recently puchased an 02 954 from this kid. Bike was beautiful, took it for a test run and all was fine. Driving it back home on the freeway (only going 60) suddenly red light came on the dash and next thing I knew the rear tire locked up, and I was...