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engine noise

  1. Engine

    Honda FireBlade
    My engine is making a weird knocking sound. I didn't notice it when I bought it. I drove out home for an hour and a half straight no problem. I started it today and there was a loud clicking. The oil was two quarts low. The sound got lighter but is still ther . Did I mess up my engine?
  2. 03 cbr 954 cylinder scoring problem

    Honda FireBlade
    I just wanting to see if anyone else has had issues with 954 cylinder wall scoring? mine has 26,000mi noticed a little knock so I tore it down and walls were scored. guy at machine shop recommended sleeving and wiseco forged pistons. He sleeved it and it looked great. I did a complete rebuild...
  3. Oil Light On and Engine Noise at start up? F2

    Honda CBR 600
    So let me start from the beginning. I bought an F2 from this guy everything sounded good. Road it home (2 hour ride). Let it sit overnight to find my exhaust full of fuel:eek:. So i cleaned the carbs, put on a new petcock, cleaned the gas tank, put it all back correctly (im 100% sure)...
  4. I've got what appears to be some engine noise...

    General Discussion
    In my new 1996 CBR600 F3 on cold start. This seems to be identical to cam chain tensioner failure noise; this rapidly goes away in a minute or two of operation. My new bike's got 14k mi on it, which is right around when the tensioner craps the bed, according to posts. I am imagining that it...
  5. Engine Noise + low engine power

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi everyone! No similar posts found, so there comes mine... Recently my 954rr engine gone mad. I've got a ticking sound, while accelerating... and scratching sound, while average deceleration in gear. Oil level was a little low (about 0.5L below minimum). Yes I did power wheelies (about 5s...
  6. CBR929RR Engine Noise & Gear Slip

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, I recently bought a 2001 CBR929RR with 39000 km/24250 mi on the clock, and heard that it makes a slight ticking noice when starting cold. After about a minute's idling it goes away. I don't want to ignore a potential problem... Is this normal or not? Another thing: During normal...