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engine shuts off

  1. Loss of power..please help

    General Discussion
    I noticed my bike sounded different and its evident the exhaust is where it sounds different. I believe maybe the packing is coming loose in the exhaust pipe(Hindle Slip On). Could that be the reason for my loss of power? Any other ideas why else I could be feeling less power overall? Yesterday...
  2. Engine Cuts Out At 8K

    HELP! 2008 CBR1000RR... Bike runs fine under pretty much any condition. Even popping a small wheelie. But as soon as I grab a bunch of throttle and accelerate past 8K RPM or so, it's as if someone just flicked the kill switch (I know this because I had a buddy of mine reach over and do that...
  3. HELP!!! 954RR shuts off in middle of ride

    Honda FireBlade
    So I'm riding down the road, my bike starts to stutter, the red light on the cluster comes on, then goes off. The bike rides fine for about 1/4 mile then it starts to stutter again and it shuts down everything, and I'm left coasting down the road... When the key is turned in the on position...