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  1. 954rr engine

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello guys! After recently starting to lose oil pressure I decided to disassemble my engine. I discovered that the crank bearings were destroyed as well as the crankshaft itself was roughly scratched. There were also massive scratches on the cyllinder walls. Cylinder 3 and 4 valves were pitch...
  2. 2008 CBR engine cuts out after 20-30 minutes

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    Hey all. I have tried going through the forum for answers, but nothing fits the bill, or the answers given do not match this problem I'm sad to say. Earlier this year I purchased a 2008 CBR1000RR. My daily commute was a Ducati Monster, and knowing about reliability issues with Italian bikes...
  3. Seeking CBR900rr 1999 engine

    Located in Southern California have a price range of 650, feel free to post any condition. Working would be best. Or would like a site for such listings.
  4. 2009 CBR 100RR PROBLEM!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey all, My name is Kasey, im just looking for a little advise because im a little lost. 3 months ago i bought a 09' 1000RR from a guy about 2.5 hours away. the gauge says it has 3,300 Miles on it and this thing looked clean, no wear and tear anywhere. So i ride it around, decided to buy it...
  5. 954rr MOTOR PART OUT

    For Sale
    I have a 954rr motor that I would to part out. It was a running motor I used as a donor for my 929rr. A lot of it is still there besides the cams, cylinder head and throttle bodies. I purchased it from a guy who used it as some type of sprint cart so the lower case is pretty rough. I also have...
  6. 2001 CBR 929 engine part out

    For Sale
    2001 CBR929RR engine 10,XXX. Let me know what you need and I will send pictures. I have throttle bodies, air box, and wiring harness as well. Will pick and pull whatever you guys need for cheap, just let me know. (315) 708-8829
  7. Replacing engine on my 2008 CBR1000RR with a 2012 engine?

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a 2008 CBR1000RR with a blown engine, so have been looking for a replacement engine and have found some ranging from 2008's to 2012's. I've heard the 2008 will support up to the 2011 engine. But I've also heard from some posts that the 2012 engine may also work with the 2008. I...
  8. Engine flooded and hydrolocked due to Leaky FPR - should i be worried? CBR 929

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, long time lurker here. Thanks to this forum i diagnosed a faulty fuel pressure regulator on my CBR 929. Background: After a few weeks of not riding it, i went to the garage, tried to start it and the starter didn't turn over. Of course, the first things that came to mind were...
  9. CBR900rr 1996 Gauge with 1999 engine ??

    Honda FireBlade
    Planing to "upgrade" my 1996 rrt engine with a 1999 rrx engine. Ill have the wire harness from both engines. But i want to keep the 1996 old-school gauge. Do any of you know if it is possible to use the 96 wire harness and speed sensor and then just change the engine and control unit to the...
  10. CBR900rr lower crankcase interchangeable 96-99

    Honda FireBlade
    I am about to buy a replacement engine for my 1996 cbr 900rr. The engine is from a 1999 cbr 900. The problem is that it has a damaged lower crankcase. Going to try repairing it but if its to difficult, the plan B.. using the older lower crankcase!! So the question is: Do any of you know if is...
  11. Forgot Rags in TB and wont start now Help?

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    2011 CBR 600RR So the story starts with me trying to Replace my airfilter. everythings going fine. get into the air box and here is where my mistake was made. i put rags into the Throttle bodies to keep from dropping screws into my engine.(Because i am a clutz and i know it.) long story short...
  12. 06 cbr600rr motor & parts

    For Sale
    I have an 06 cbr600rr motor with 3000 miles also have rear rim swingarm computer seats gas tank battery tray undertail section led aftermarket tail light rear subframe will sell all together for 1100 plus shipping or 900 for motor and the rest just pm me for prices or email me [email protected]
  13. 01 CBR929rr engine for sale

    For Sale
    Got a 01 929rr motor for sale 800 bucks plus shipping its on ebay right now for 900 but i will sell cheaper here cuz i know its going to great enthusiasts but its real clean clean comes with throttle bodies intake injectors coils starter all sensors plug n play will ship 1 day after money is...
  14. NC29 engine powder coat

    Honda CBR400RR
    I plan on powder coating my nc29 engine a high gloss black and having removed the engine from the bike this week i am ready to start stripping the engine down. However i would like to know if i should opt for a high temp powder as i am not sure if normal powders will cope when the engine gets...
  15. wanted!! 919 motor!!

    Wrecked Motorcycle Photos & Stories
    Hey guys, I've got a 99 blade, and I do believe my motors shot. Anyone parting one out with a decent motor for the right price?
  16. 2008 1000RR - got the crank noise, past the warranty extension. Is this detrimental?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi, new guy here but I've creeped for a while. Picked up an 08 blade in pristine condition a few thousand miles ago. No oil burning, but just recently I have started to hear the famous "tractor idle" from the clutch. Did the clutch loading test and sure enough the engine quieted right up. My...
  17. dynamo cover '96 on '93 900rr ?

    Honda FireBlade
    i laid down my bike this afternoon, wasn't paying atantion and drove into the back of a car. ( yes that was stupid!) now the front forks are bent and a lot of plastic is broken. this not that much of a problem, i was planning on streetfightering it anyway. however the dynamocover is also...
  18. NC29 Engine clicking

    Honda CBR400RR
    I can hear a clicking/ticking noise similar to that of the engine in this attached clip although the noise is not nearly as loud. The noise increases proportionally as the throttle is opened, yet only when the bike is in gear. Could it be valve related? Or possibly exhaust related? Any help is...
  19. CBR900 - what happens to crankshaft and rod bearings when oil do'nt do it's job (pix)

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    I brought the bike two months ago and was preparing it for a stunt project of mine, when all was done I pulled it out for a test ride and after a few miles the engine stuck and wouldn't turn over. So I had to take down the engine and this is what I found! It had enough (4l) oil and this was not...
  20. Cbr 600 F2 stalling out after 5 mins of riding

    Honda CBR 600
    So I bought a honda cbr 600 f2 a couple seams ago. It was sitting in this guys shed for about two years. Bike was rusted to he k, carbs were gunned beyond belief, and when I finally pulled the tank and cleaned the carbs, I found a slapping sound. Well, I replaced the auto cct with a manual one...