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  1. Australia
    Hi guys, I've just purchased an 06 cbr1000rr and was thinking about relocating the exhaust to a dump pipe under the motor between your feet just in front of the back wheel and was just wondering if it's possible or anyone has done it? Or if it's just a stupid idea? Any info helps thanks guys
  2. Wanted
    I want a full exhaust for my 954. Apperantly you can not buy one new anymore hopefully you got what I need.
  3. Honda CBR400RR
    Hey guys have a small problem with the exhaust on my 87' aero. Was having a quick check over the entire bike for its first MOT in 3 years and noticed the silencer has rusted completely underneath. It's not blowing yet but wont be long Was looking at replacements and all are second hand or...
1-3 of 3 Results