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  1. What are the dimensions of the exhaust pipe on 2003 954

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey everyone i am sure this question has been asked numerous times. I have searched threads and cant find an answer. I am shopping around for a slip on and am wondering what the diameter is , so i will know if any modifications are needed. I have honestly considered going back to a stock can...
  2. quick question: 929 BOS exhaust on a 919?

    Honda FireBlade
    hi! I have a simple question I hope some of you can answer, because I'm pretty clueless. What's the deal with bolt-on exhausts for older Blades? I'm looking to replace the exhaust on my 1997 Blade (sc33) & because of the age of my bike & my budget, I'm looking to buy 2nd hand. I've found 2...
  3. FS: Akrapovic Full Carbon System for CBR900RR

    For Sale
    I just bought a full stainless Akrapovic system with the carbon oval can for my 1993 CBR900RR and a car totaled my bike before I had a chance to install it. It came from a 1998 CBR900RR. It's in fantastic shape!!! Includes the rubber wrapped springs, new exhaust gaskets, and a brand new carbon...
  4. Rattling can on 929

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi All I noticed a slight rattle when on the overrun at low speed for example when approaching a junction. I thought it was the chain side plates rattling against the chain runner on their way to the front sprockets but noticed today that with the clutch pulled, the rattle disappears. Further...
  5. CBR929RR what is the exhaust muffler made from?

    Honda FireBlade
    Just picked up a CBR929RR or as it's known in Australia a 2001 CBR900RR Fireblade. Just upgraded from a Suzuki GS500F, yet to get it beyond 6000rpm! This thing is an animal just begging for more throttle. Anyway, the muffler is quite dull, just wondering what it is made out of, it it...
  6. PCV or not PCV?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi all, hoping someone here can offer some advice. I've got an 08 blade and want to fit my shiny new Yoshi system. I know I can put a slip-on on without a problem, but will there be running issues with the full systems and no Power Commander? (can't afford one until next month!) I know it...
  7. Weird exhaust?

    Honda FireBlade
    I recently purchased a used 2008 cbr 1000rr with an odd exhaust. The exhaust is made by erion racing and the pipes are engraved with it. I have researched this exhaust and can not find anything about it. Im hoping someone else will be able to tell me more about it. The guy who I purchased the...
  8. Parts needed***954

    Looking for devil exhaust.. Really looking for a hass eliminator.. If anyone has one for sale.. Steering dampner.. Paypal ready
  9. 929 mods (exhaust/pc)

    Hey guys Im keeping my eyes out for some stuff to throw on my 929. Specifically I am wanting a full exhaust system(might settle for slipon), ok with some damage, and a power commander, but if you have other goodies im pretty much stock and looking for some more power. Thanks PM me
  10. Top Speed Racing shorty exhaust??

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    so im looking for a new bolt on for my 954. i currently have a yoshimura rs-3 on it and its way too quiet for me since i cant for the life of me figure out how to get the stupid silencer thing out. i stumbled across this top speed racing shorty exhaust and was wondering if anyone has one or has...
  11. 03 954rr exhaust and intake flappers

    General Discussion
    I recently tried to remove the intake flapper and tie the exhaust flapper open and as we all know it threw the fi light. I left out the bottom flapper in the intake and put everything else back with no issue. So my questions are 1. Could I cut the flappers both intake and exhaust so that there...
  12. Yoshimura Muffler

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Hey all, I was offered today a Yoshimura muffler for a very good price. but as we all know there's alot chinese replicas out there. so i was wondering how can you tell the difference between the original one and the chinese one. Thanks alot!
  13. idles but no throttle response!!

    General Discussion
    Ok so this is my first post! So here's the story. I had a 2006 cbr1000rr and I crashed it and messed it up bad. I took off the stuff to make it run and I put it in a golfcart. I sold everything else. I cut all of the wires and plugs I didn't need...... I don't have a cluster for it. Now it's...
  14. CBR600F4i - Cold starting problems!!

    General Discussion
    Hey everyone, Its finally above 45 degrees in Michigan so I thought today would be a great day to take my 2001 CBR600F4i 50 miles to a nicer garage. Unfortunately it won't start :thumbd: the bike is like new, only 10k miles and has had routine maintenance until this year, I lost track of time...
  15. 954 Exhaust project

    Honda FireBlade
    Will affect the performance if I change my 2002 954 two brothers exhaust for example to 2012 two brothers black series or whatever? I know I will have to change and fit some things.
  16. Re-install stock exhaust help (egr)?

    General Discussion
    Hi, I just bought a 1000RR with a gp (straight) pipe on it which I really didn't like. I re-installed the stock exhaust but I can't figure out the cable for the egr valve! Does anyone know how to re-install that? If I turn the motor to fit the cable in I get a code on the dash and the motor...
  17. WTB 954RR Full Exhaust System

    Possibly 929rr systems as well, since I know they both fit, but I would prefer just a full system for a 954. In decent shape is a must. Arata, Akrapovic, Micron serpents, Hindle, let me know what you have PLEASE! Thanks a lot!
  18. My 2 Brothers is not loud enough!

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, since I had so much help on my last prablem, i thought I would throw something else at you. I have a 2 Brothers Bolt on can on my 900rr. It is just not loud enough. can I take out the baffle and will it hurt my performance? My last bike I cut the exhaust in half and sounded awesome...
  19. Aftermaket exhaust for my 2002 954rr

    I am looking for a bolt on exhaust that will fit my 2002 honda 954rr.