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  1. 02 f4i stumble, rough idle

    Honda CBR 600
    I have an 02 f4i, has arrow carbon exhaust, k&n filter, pc3 idle is rough and trying to drive in traffic under 5k it sounds like it's running on two or three cylinders, changed plugs, fpr, checked all connections and vacuum, removed pc3 no change, if I disconnect the map sensor the idle gets...
  2. F4I fouls plugs please help!!!

    Honda CBR 600
    I Just bought an 02 f4i, after i rode 200 miles it started sputtering and fouled cyl 2's plug. After smelling the raw fuel i replaced the fpr, and plugs fired her back up and she fouled another plug. Where do i go from here? Im pulling my hair out any help would be appreciated.
  3. 2003 F4i

    2003 F4i

    35k miles and counting
  4. F4i cluster outage, not starting, cutting out

    General Discussion
    Recently while riding my 2003 f4i, the bike would lose rpms rapidly when it hit about 8-9k rpms. The entire cluster went blank on me when I tired to rev through it, like the key was in the off position. When I got the bike home and shut it off it wouldn't start, but the cluster came back on...
  5. F4i mid-rpm problems (losing power)

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey guys I have a problem with my 2003 F4i that is really bumming me out. The bike starts fine, idles perfect, and all around rides great except when i hit about 8k rpms the bike stops accelerating and just loses power, also it will not hit the rev limiter when I pull in the clutch and try to...
  6. Formula SAE - CBR 600 F4i internal modifications

    Honda CBR 600
    Hey everyone, I'm a part of a FSAE team and we've recently been wanting to get into modifying engine internals. A few things before a start. We run a stock '03 Honda CBR 600 F4i. Part of the challenge for the FSAE competitions is that we are required to have a 20 mm intake restrictor. We've...
  7. Southern Indiana

    Rides / Ride Reports
    Looking for people to ride with in southern Indiana.
  8. F4i tach needle issue in a 93 900RR

    Honda FireBlade
    So a couple days ago i posted a short video in my build thread (it's currently my last post) on how my transplanted F4i gauges show 2 grand as Zero on the tacho. It does the sweep, but stops at 2K thinking it's zero. I haven't got any assistance on that issue, so now I'm starting a thread on...
  9. Should I even bother servicing this '01 F4i which has no proof of maintenance?

    General Discussion
    I plan to purchase a 250-300cc starter bike this autumn. Most likely, after 1-2 years of riding it I'll want to move up to a bigger bike. My older brother's 2001 CBR600F4i has been sitting in the garage for 3 years. It may be the bigger bike I'll want to ride in the future. How much money should...
  10. 06 CBR F4i

    Just lowered my F4i with the adjustable Soupy's Performance kit. I feel a lot more comfortable now, being able to touch with both feet. I had also shaved the seat, removed the foam and installed 1 inch foam. I have not noticed a difference with the way the bike handles, but then again I'm a new...
  11. 01 f4i fuel tank leak

    Honda CBR 600
    I took the fuel pump out while putting a new therm gasket in and when I put it back on it dripped quite a bit. When I took it off it had the regular gasket and then another one cut to sit on on top of that gasket. So I bought a new one and when I put that it and tightened it down it pissed fuel...
  12. 2001 Honda CBR600F4i Won't start after winter storage! -Please Help!

    General Discussion
    Hello everyone! Temperatures in Michigan have finally peaked 45 for a couple days so its time to get the baby ready for another season. Unfortunately no luck. I stored the bike with a completely full tank of new gas (no additives, stabil etc), it had an oil change about 500 miles before...
  13. 2003 F4i help

    For Sale
    I just recently bought a 03 F4i. Trying to replace a couple parts. My main concern is the gas tank. Dude had a stunt tank on it so im trying to get a stock one back on. Will any other CBR model fit its placement? If not where can I buy one besides ebay? The cheaper the better and color...
  14. Hey guys, jumping right into it...

    Hey guys, I bought a 1995 F3 back in summer of 2011, and then sold it and upgraded to a 2001 F4i in summer of 2012. ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! Had to replace the CAM Chain Tensioner on both bikes, which is standard, but other than that I have no complaints! However recently I have been having my F1...
  15. ticking sound

    General Discussion
    i have a 2001 cbr600 f4i and I've been noticing a ticking or knocking sound when I'm in neutral and don't have the clutch held. That's the only time in hearing it. Ideas? Thanks
  16. Starting problems

    General Discussion
    I just bought a 2001 CBR600 f4i. when i first turn it over, it starts fine, but after i ride it for a bit and try to turn it back over i have to give it a little gas for it to start again. it also has a flashing oil indicator and a solid red light. is something major wrong with it?
  17. my 2 cents on Cycle Gear's MegaBoost batteries

    General Discussion
    Hey all, just wanted to share my opinion on Cycle Gear's MegaBoost value brand batteries. I ride an 06 F4i and was having issues with getting the bike to start. Figured it was the battery (which it turned out it was), so I head over to Cycle Gear to get a new one. They talked me into buying a...
  18. Please help!

    Honda CBR 600
    I cant find anyone with my exact problem so Ill ask. Please help! I bought my 2001 f4i a month ago and the guy I bought it from said the battery is two years old but he charged it and it works fine. I got it home and it started fine. After riding for about 30 minutes I shut it off and went to...
  19. Power Commander 3

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Are there noticeable improvements with a power commander? I recently unhooked mine from my 06 F4i when I changed the battery and the bike seems to run smoother. Probably did not have it tuned correctly. I bought it used and it didn't come with the seperate power cable to allow me to power the...
  20. 02 Honda CBR600 f4i Safety Features

    Honda CBR 600
    Can someone please help me with any information that CBR's have on safety features? for example: Bike will turn off if in gear when kickstand is down. I have been riding for 2 years now and I am just curious on all the cool safety features there are on these bikes. Reason for this thread is...