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  1. Wanted
    I'm look for the middle fairings and possibly upper cowl for my 98 cbr900rr rebuild. Scratches are fine, just no broken. If there's cracks, I can fix those so long as they are not at the mounting points. I will be painting them, so color doesn't really matter. The only options I can find online...
  2. General Discussion
    Just traded a '95 Harley Davidson 1200 bobber for a '95 CBR 900rr. I've never figured myself as a street bike guy... Then I rode one sooooo now I'm hooked. This bike is in good running condition (seemingly) but every plastic needs replaced and I can't stand the blinkers and original license...
  3. Wanted
    Does anyone have any track fairings they want to get rid of? I don't care about color or condition, i'll fix and paint anyway. It's for a 02-03 954rr
  4. Wanted
    Took a spill on my 929, so am now looking to buy: kill switch assembly stator cover rear seat front fairing stay full set of plastics (if the price is right) fuel tank (if price is right) private message me or post contact info here.. THANK YOU:thumb:
  5. General Discussion
    Hi all I'm Dan and new to the forum. I have a 2000 929rr which is a very clean bike. Iv decided to use it for track only to help keep my licence. Which means I'm thinking of selling my full fairing kit possibly including the tank if needed, full electrics and lights and footrests and bits. I'm...
  6. Honda FireBlade
    Hey blades, quick picture dump of crummy cell pics will have to dI for now. So a quick run down of the recent work: -New fairings from auctmart, custom painted to match the oem blue 954 scheme. -Proton flush side markers for the 929 -PSR foot pegs, super grippy -eBay integrated tail light -EBC...
  7. Honda CBR 1100XX
    Hey blades, quick picture dump of crummy cell pics will have to dI for now. So a quick run down of the recent work: -New fairings from auctmart, custom painted to match the oem blue 954 scheme. -Proton flush side markers for the 929 -PSR foot pegs, super grippy -eBay integrated tail light -EBC...
  8. Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    Hey guys I guess I'm goin to just buy a whole new fairing kit due to me accidently breaking a piece of my upper cowl. I have a 2005 repsol 1000rr. Which brands match the OE Repsol wheels in color? The kit that is on the bike now is aftermarket (the guy that had the bike before me put on) and...
  9. For Sale
    Converted my 1997 CBR fairing so looking to sell the old ones. The bike was laid down coming out of a parking lot on the right side. I have some other miscellaneous parts from the conversion for sale also. - Headlight Fairing ( Don't know if anyone would want it, but it's broken and free if you...
  10. Wanted
    Hello Everyone, I'm trying to find a Cbr 954 Upper Fairing. I'm actually in need of both sides, the front fender and the nose but the nose is a tough one to find. I'd like it to be OEM and in the Titanium paint scheme. This will probably determine whether or not I stick with oem or go ahead...
  11. Review My Ride
    process of fitting the fairings from a 2000 929RR to my 1999 900RR. Next I'm modifying the subframe from a 929RR I bought to fit my frame
  12. Honda CBR 600
    I am looking to add a fairing kit to my f2 which had previously been converted to a street fighter and cuttently has no fairings of any kind. I am not really a fan of the stunt bike look, but I got a deal on it. My question is... do I need anything thing besides the farings to mount them to...
  13. Wanted
    Pretty straight forward. I have the OEM fairings but they were painted black and blue. If anyone either has the original color scheme for sale or wants to trade let me know! Thanks
  14. Australia
    Hi all I want to polish the fairings on my CBR 919 and Im looking for a product that can restore the paint and give it a nice glossy look but because its plastic I dont want to use the regular polishes you can find on the market. Any ideas? Cheers Flo
  15. General Discussion
    So basically i need help finding a reputable company that would make fairings for my 94 cbr900rr. ive seen ebay adds but none of them have contact information so that i can ask questions about what im buying. any help with finding a supplier for new plastics would be awesome. by the way my model...
  16. For Sale
    What you are looking at here is a beautiful set of OEM Honda Repsol fairings from 2009. These are the original Honda plastics, not crappy chinese knock-offs. It's what you've always wanted for your 1000RR :) I've taken these fairings off my motorcycle because I converted it into a full race...
  17. Swap Section
    I have a few extra parts for sale/trade Things i have: Full front fairing : has a crack on right side just in front of where right clipon would be. Was repaired once with glue and spot putty but opened back up when i removed the fairing. Needs to be stripped and repainted also. Is currently...
  18. Wanted
    I'm looking for a black set of fairings with the tank for a CBR 929. If you have some or know where i can get them for a decent price. Just let me know.
  19. Honda FireBlade
    I'm trying to find a good look for my CBR900RR and I was wondering if anyone had any advice on what looks good and isn't too terribly expensive for a new tail. I already set up a Harley front light on her and she looks good but my old tail fairings are busted to pieces and I've seen some bikes...
  20. For Sale
    Brand new, aftermarket fairings for sale. Never been installed. Silver and black color scheme. Price dropped to $400. Must sell. Cash Only and local pickup/drop off. Baltimore metro area. Call Chris @ 443-650-8468. Thanks for looking! :thumb:
1-20 of 51 Results