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fi light

  1. Wont Start

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi. Filled up the tank and drove off. 5 minutes later my bike cut out and would not start up again. i have checked the fuses and non are blown. New battery installed. The cluster lights up but no headlights . And the Rear lights up but with the flickers frozen. Any ideas what i could check...
  2. Honda 954RR won't start HELP!!!!!

    Honda FireBlade
    I just bought a Honda CBR 954RR and was told the computer is bad, I have replaced with the same problems. It will turn over but won't start, FI light stays on and the red light blinks to indicate 9 blinks and 34 blinks, not sure what that means either! I know it isn't getting spark so...
  3. About to swap frames, anyone done so? Couple other newbie questions.

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys I am new here, this is my second Honda. My first was an 06 CBR600rr, it treated me very well and I had no issues. Last week I acquired my second Honda, it is a 2003 954RR with 11k miles, runs great but needs a bit of love in the form of new plastics, frame, and possibly subframe. When...
  4. FI Light on 06 CBR1000RR

    General Discussion
    I just removed my stock HESD steering damper and installed a GPR V4 steering damper. Now my FI light comes on when I start my CBR. Could the HESD removal cause this. I was wondering if it's just an error code. My FI is working fine. Any insight as to how to address this and how to keep the...

    Honda FireBlade
    Was hoping to get someone familiar with this situation. My blade will blink 9 times when i start the bike initially. After it gets warmed up if I restart the bike the code will stay off and not come back on. I have no difference in throttle response or in performance at all. I have looked up...
  6. rc has no fi light and fuel pump wont prime

    Honda RC51
    bike just turns off on me one day fuel pump wont prime.. after going through the manual i notice my fi light doesnt work at all so cant check code wht do i do?all relays fine took power commander off still no fi light even when i turn the key .. HELP!!!
  7. FI light, not blinking, but wierd miss fire

    Honda FireBlade
    I just did the spark plugs on my 2000 929rr, and when I put everything back together it ran fine for about ten seconds then started idling real low, and it was making sounds like it was having trouble running. then the FI light came on, and the red light, solid, no flashing, just on. and runs...
  8. please help me all knowing one's

    Honda FireBlade
    hi i just joined your club cause i seen that you guys were actually helpful with one another. I've had my 954 since march had 10,000 miles when i i bought it i rode it for a month or so then had the oil changed by a technician supposedly when i got it back it cranked ran for about 3 minutes then...