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  1. 03 954rr exhaust and intake flappers

    General Discussion
    I recently tried to remove the intake flapper and tie the exhaust flapper open and as we all know it threw the fi light. I left out the bottom flapper in the intake and put everything else back with no issue. So my questions are 1. Could I cut the flappers both intake and exhaust so that there...
  2. PCIII Map for a 954

    General Discussion
    Does anyone have a custom Power Commander III not the usb map with these or extremely similar mods that they could send me? Flapper mod HTEV delete Yoshi half system Stock or K&N air filter I'm trying to tune out the bogging I get in the lower rpm when I go to full throttle, without using the...
  3. Flapper mod, free horsepower?

    General Discussion
    A buddy of mine told me about this a while ago before deployment. He said all the CBR's have an airbox restrictor that operates in 1st and 2nd gear to reduce noise output of the engine, but that it also tends to choke it somewhat because it's starved for air. people online consistently report a...
  4. 929 HVIX... To remove the air flapper or not?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi I´ve got a 929 2000 that has developed the usual servo motor problem. I have searched the forums and found several threads about this but no answer to my question. I´m gonna set the exhaust valve in a fixed position and I will try the 3000-8000 and the 8000+ positions, the question is if I...