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  1. Flywheel damaged?

    Honda FireBlade
    I've had a charging problem on my cbr900rrw, 1998 model. yesterday I Stripped it down to install a new reg rec and alternator. However, once I'd opened it up, the flywheel isn't perfectly smooth and rounded inside. It's liked massive hexagon, with even sized, slightly flat sections around it. Is...
  2. Motor Seized

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a 929. I went down a month ago, busted my stator cover. I was maybe 2 miles from home and yes i know i shouldn't have rode home, i was scared up, bleeding a lil, it was 3 am and i just wanted to get off the road. I heal for a week, then i find a guy in my area that had a 954. i...
  3. what or how do i take off the magnet part where the stator sits and flywheel. cbr929

    Honda FireBlade
    ok so im getting cbr 929 engine case welded on while its on the bike but i need to take off the magnet thing idk what the correct name for it is and then take off the flywheel. i bought the special picece for the flywheel to come off. but i have not yet reached the flywheel. Do i take off the...
  4. Nighthawk CB250 - gasket replacement but need to remove rotor?

    Tools / Garage / Paddock
    Hi. I need to replace a gasket under the left crankcase. I bought a Haynes manual, tore the area down, and am now stuck. The book calls for a Rotor Holder Tool - it looks like a tire iron, but with threads on each end. From the looks of the picture, it looks like you thread this holder in...