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    Hey everyone, I am sadly parting with my '02 954rr in hopes of getting a 1000rr, I would be interested in trading but only for an '05 1000rr in the titanium grey and black. If there is light damage thats alright as long as it runs/rides perfect. Otherwise I am asking $2800 for my baby, as there...
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    26,000 Miles Add ons: - Front and rear stainless steel break lines - Front Breaks at %90 - HyperPro Steering Damper Kit - Techlusion Fuel Injector Kit - K&N Air Filter - Oxygen Sensor Eliminator Kit - Front and back sprocket upgrades with chain - New rear Shock - LowPro tail light kit - Two...
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    Hello! Have or know anyone looking to sell a hotbodies racing undertail exhaust kit for a 04-07 1000rr? Color doesn't matter but must be in good shape!