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fork seal replacemant

  1. '12 cbr1000rr front fork issue

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey there guys , I have a '12 fireblade with about 11000 km on it and unfortunately I got a leak of fork fluid on the front right fork so I decided to replace the seals on both sides cos I know they are the ones that are damaged ... Now the issue I'm facing is that the forks are brand new forks...
  2. 07 CBR 1000 fork seal replacement's? Is there anything out there better than stock??

    Aftermarket Perfomance Parts Reviews
    I’ve got a 2007 Cbr 1000rr with about 13,000 on it and notice that I got a leaky fork seal on the front left fork? In never ride wheelies for the fear of this happening! However I do travel down a good quarter mile or better dirt and gravel driveway (that's not to harsh, however, rougher than...