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front fairing

  1. new rider, have a few questions....

    Hello everyone, so I just traded my cruiser type motorcycle for a 1993 Honda CRB900rr. so when I say new rider, I mean new to this type of bike. I love this bike, the way it looks and feels compared to my old bike is ridiculous. however, When I traded this bike, it was kind of a rash decision, I...
  2. 929 front side mods

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey people I'm wondering if anybody has any knowledge of a good replacement mod to the front of the 929. I really dislike how boxy it looks and the center light doesn't have the greatest looks. Has anybody here modded their 929 with an HID kit for the front? I was looking at something like these...
  3. Need complete front fairing for either 929 or 954

    Honda FireBlade
    I have a 01 929 that i recently purchased, it was a stunt bike so the entire front fairing, headlight, fender & turn signal switch is missing. I'm looking to purchase all, they dont have to be perfect but not crappy either.