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  1. 2001 929 fuel issues

    Honda FireBlade
    I was test riding my bike after I got all the "bugs" out of it. It has a new stator, new mosfet rectifier, new battery, oil, etc. I got about 100 yards down the road, stopped at the stop sign, took off in first and the bike took off fine. As soon as I hit second the bike just died and hasnt...
  2. Getting frustrated with this. Please Help

    Honda CBR 600
    Hello everyone, hope to enjoy my time on this forum, I bought a CBR 600 f4 99 in march, I've ridden about a thousand miles on it since then. In April I was riding and had hit almost a hundred miles that day when I started noticing some problems accelerating in first gear. The bike would be...
  3. NEED help, fuel issue

    General Discussion
    I just recently bought a 99 Honda CBR 600 F4 off a buddy of mine. The bike was in fair condition, besides a little cosmetic ware on the fenders. Well he informed me that he had not done anything to the bike in over a year. So before I got serious into riding the bike I thought I would do some...
  4. CBR929RR Fuel priming constant

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey folks after watching a few you tube videos I noticed everyones blade primes the fuel for 2 seconds and then stops. Mine keeps priming :o It has been sitting since 2012 and I'm currently working on it to get it MOT ready. She does start up no problems. So has anyone had this before and or...
  5. 954rr fuel pump not priming/lost key/new ignition

    General Discussion
    i had flushed the only key for my bike and broke the ignition trying to spin the switch which was really stupid. well i didn't have a ride for work. i tried hot wiring, everything turned on except the fuel pump. so i bought a new ignition switch on ebay. i recently got the ignition, mounted it...
  6. 2006 CBR1000RR fuel pump not priming

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys from what I've read this s pretty common problem but I just can't seem to figure it out. I've got a 2006 CBR1000RR with about 21,XXX miles and I just put on new fairings and since then I can't get the fuel pump to prime. Now I know what you guys are going to say about the bank angle...
  7. Bike won't start

    General Discussion
    So, I was riding my bike and it was running smooth as always and then it started jumping like it wasn't getting fuel and I kept the throttle at the same spot then down shift to see if it would help and then it just died and I couldn't get it to start back. I flipped on the fuel pump switch and...
  8. Cant reach the red line :(

    General Discussion
    Hey guys, I am having a problem with my 2005 1000RR AKA Fireblade. Its like when i rev it it cant touch the red line doesnt matter if its neutral or in gear. i have checked the fuel pump pressure and its fine slightly more than 50 psi and i have installed new NGK spark plugs as well. The clutch...
  9. 900rr FUEL PUMP-HELP!!!!!

    Honda FireBlade
    I need some help/advice on why my 95' 900rr won't start.. It started a couple weeks ago just fine. Then I changed the Plugs, oil, cleaned the carbs, and changed the battery because I had to push start it till I got a new one. It cranks over just won't start. I don't think it's getting any fuel...
  10. CBR 929rr 2000. Fuel pump doesnt work!

    General Discussion
    :mad:I bought my first bike last year which is a cbr 929rr 2000. last year my fuel pump stopped working so i cleaned it up put it back in and the bike ran great for about a year. I was riding last week and it cut off. again id get it to try to start but it wouldnt turn over. Again it was the...
  11. 2001 F4i, no fuel pump, lights, brakes, brights, etc

    Honda CBR 600
    I recently bought this bike, drove it about 500 miles fine, then moved to ATL, was a 300 mile trip, but last 50 the bike acted bogged down. Took it to a shop when I finally got here to get diagnosed. They said fuel pump was fried possibly because of wiring issues. It was too much for them to...
  12. ECM Questions?

    Honda FireBlade
    Hello, My question is, On a 01 929rr does the ECM control the fuel and the spark on this machine or does the relays control those systems (explain how this works)? Also how can you findout if the ECM unit is fried or not? When you turn the key which system acts first, The ECM or the fuel...
  13. 954rr ignition module power commander problem

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi, guys Here's my big problemo: I mount on my 954rr, few months ago, a power commander III usb. The bike runs just fine. I bought an ignition module for power commander and I also mounted on the bike. When I plug in with the power commander, I switch on the ignition key but the fuel pump does...
  14. rc has no fi light and fuel pump wont prime

    Honda RC51
    bike just turns off on me one day fuel pump wont prime.. after going through the manual i notice my fi light doesnt work at all so cant check code wht do i do?all relays fine took power commander off still no fi light even when i turn the key .. HELP!!!
  15. 2001 929 won't turn over, bad gas??

    General Discussion
    New here. I have a 929rr. I filled it up about 4 days ago, the next day it bogged down on me, pulled over and it ran fine the rest of the way home. Next morning when i started it, it sounded like it was not running on all cylinders. Left it alone until later that day then it would'nt turn over...