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  1. 01 f4i fuel tank leak

    Honda CBR 600
    I took the fuel pump out while putting a new therm gasket in and when I put it back on it dripped quite a bit. When I took it off it had the regular gasket and then another one cut to sit on on top of that gasket. So I bought a new one and when I put that it and tightened it down it pissed fuel...
  2. 2003 F4i help

    For Sale
    I just recently bought a 03 F4i. Trying to replace a couple parts. My main concern is the gas tank. Dude had a stunt tank on it so im trying to get a stock one back on. Will any other CBR model fit its placement? If not where can I buy one besides ebay? The cheaper the better and color...
  3. Tank Removal?

    Honda FireBlade
    Can anyone tell me how to remove the tank off an 07 CBR 1000? Im doing a service and installing a PCV and I can see how to disconnect the fuel line without braking it? :crying:
  4. splutter

    Honda FireBlade
    Hi all names mike im new with the forum. I ride a 03 954rr going crazy with a problem im having, short trips on the bike are awesome but when i try take it on a bit of a trip say over 50-100km it starts farting and jerking like crazy. Think i found the problem my tank was resprayed inside and...
  5. CBR f3 high RPM dead spot/ power loss

    General Discussion
    I'm a fairly new rider and want my f3 to run well again. My problems started when I had the notorious charging problems with her, I replaced the rectifier and new plugs as they were burnt out, it kept draining the battery, I then replaced the stator and it's plugs were burnt plastic as well...
  6. 954 Tank- Carbon Fiber

    For Sale
    Currently I am making a new Carbon Fiber tank for the 954. Previously I made the Ducati Tank (picture attached). I am looking to sell these 954 tanks for $1100 plus shipping.