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    Quote me on the part or lead me to a company that will ****ing work or at least guarantees the parts... I have gone through THREE PETCOCKS since i bought this bike less than a year ago. Just point me to one that will work.
  2. Engine flooded and hydrolocked due to Leaky FPR - should i be worried? CBR 929

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, long time lurker here. Thanks to this forum i diagnosed a faulty fuel pressure regulator on my CBR 929. Background: After a few weeks of not riding it, i went to the garage, tried to start it and the starter didn't turn over. Of course, the first things that came to mind were...
  3. 919 altitude question

    Honda Naked Sportbikes
    That's right-altitude. I just got a 919 from a friend in Virginia. I live in Nebraska. He's been riding the bike there with no problems. It arrived here. It started, but stopped. Tried to restart. Nothing. Gas smells a hit terpy, and heh said its been sitting. Do I need to adjust the...
  4. 99 cbr 900rr

    Honda FireBlade
    Hey guys, I've got a 99 cbr 900 with a stage 2 jet kit, and a hollowed, shortened two bros bolt on. I'm just wondering where my air/fuel mixture screws should be set at, and does turning them in make it rich or lean?
  5. Fuel dumping from airbox

    Honda CBR 600
    Upon waking my F3 up from its winter slumber this season, I was greeted with a pool of gasoline on the floor. After pulling the tank I can see fuel is spraying from the two inlet ports on the airbox. Initially I thought the hoses were dryrotted and leaking, but after checking them, and adding...
  6. Is this a fuel pump problem?

    Honda FireBlade
    I got a 02 with 14k milage. I replaced the fuel pressure regulator and spark plugs and it seemed fine for a week and would hic up now and then but now it's constant. Any advise would be extremely helpful! Link below
  7. My F2's exhaust is full of fuel!!!

    Honda CBR 600
    So i just bought a 92 cbr 600f2 rode it home filled the gas tank full. let it sit over night. and i walk outside and see my bike has a fuel puddle under it. found out the leak is coming from the exhaust! Right where the a/m muffler pipe bolts on to the pipe so i unbolt it and pull off the a/m...
  8. HELP. 03 F4i lost power after CCT install

    General Discussion
    Hey, love the forum by the way, have used it for good research in the past and decided to join because I now need some help here. Ive been searching for people with similar issues but can't find much if anything relating to me. So, as usual the OEM Auto CCT started rattling on my F4i around 5K...
  9. Honda 929 Struggles in low RPM when given alot of gas

    General Discussion
    Hi I'm new to this and I just got this bike(Honda929) a couple of months ago and now its starting to have this problem. It starts right up but when I give it gas too fast it tends to die out, I have to lightly give it gas so it doesn't die but its getting annoying now ! recently I took it to a...
  10. '02 CBR954RR FUEL PROBLEMS!!!

    Honda FireBlade
    So heres a stumper for you guys.......I have a 2002 CBR954rr Fireblade....I leave my house, get some gas and go out on some back roads. Im just cruisin along and i start to smell gas, so i figure i need to get back to my garage and check out the situation...About 5-10 minutes later the gas light...
  11. almost there!!!

    Honda CBR400RR
    hey guys first of all a big thanks to everyone on this site, seriously, its amazing to have this kind of resource and shared enthusiasm have been working away on my nc29 and it now fires and runs(ish) the problem was bad plugs that were jumping sparks from the thread to the frame when tested...
  12. 954rr 954 rr gas tank silver/black

    For Sale
    Good condition, NO DENTS, not even small ones, just needs to be repainted. Paint got scratched on the left side, see pics. A little tough to see as they are sprayed with Rustoleum primer. No rust on the inside, don't have pictures of the bottom but it is perfect (can provide additional pics if...
  13. Excess Fuel Delivery

    Honda CBR400RR
    Hey guys Having a few problems with my CBR. There seems to be too much fuel running through the carbs (fouling of sparks, bad mileage etc.) checked float heights but everything is normal. Whats the next step to look at? Cheers from New Zealand!!!!
  14. 954 Fuel Pump

    Honda FireBlade
    So after taking the fuel pump out of the bike and cleaning and knocking it around for a little while, it seems that it is completely dead. The housing and the rest of the pump are in good working condition, just the pump itself is bad. Does anyone know where I can get the pump itself from? Is...
  15. WTB 954rr fuel pump

    Like the title says, need a fuel pump for a 2002 cbr 954rr. If you have one, let me know how much you want for it shipped to 78589. Thanks.
  16. how to refuel without dropping on the tank!

    General Discussion
    So i filled up my 07 cbr1000rr for the first time today. it might be different in USA but in australia we mostly use unleaded 98. i have heard from others, that petrol drops are bad for the paint on the tank. wondering is there any way so you wont get petrol drops on your tank?!!! oh and...
  17. 900rr help

    Honda FireBlade
    ok so I just got a 900rr that im trying to more or less restore to its original glory, but it needs a little tlc. First, its missing some of the tubing from the fuel system. One of these I know is the breather tube coming from the fuel tank. In the OEM parts diagram, it goes from the fuel tank...
  18. I Stand up my bike and it idles lower and lower then dies.

    General Discussion
    I have a 929rr 2001, I am having some issues. I drove it this morning and put gas in it, 92 or 97 octane, which ever one is at the gas pump thats higher, cant remember. I was driving and then it started sputtering and died on me. Restarted the bike many times. As long as I held the throttle open...
  19. Running as if low on fuel, help please!

    General Discussion
    Hi all, I'm a newbie to the site so this issue may have been covered. I am having trouble with smooth running and wondered if any of you have had and resolved similar problems. I have just had the bike set up on a Dyno, it has a Dynojet stage 1 kit with K&N filter. needles are a bit worn and...
  20. Fuel Cut Relay Going Nuts

    Honda FireBlade
    Bought an 01 929 a couple weeks ago. It used to be a stunt bike and was in the process of being tore down to swap frames. I picked it up and all the parts with it. After buying a few missing parts i come back to fire it up and plug everything in and it still won't fire. I've been messing with it...